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Warning for Tungsten Gold

2011-04-02 14:29

There have been rumors and warnings that China and other gold players distribute gold bullion with tungsten inside, which is diffucult to detect, because tungsten has alsmost the same specific gravity as gold. You should only buy bullion gold with a certificate. Watch this warning:



Utah's 1. step to Gold Standard

2011-04-02 13:58

In the beginning of March 2011 the US State Utah ruled that gold and silver are legal tender again after 80 years. This relates to coins only but there are plans to issue bills that are backed up by gold and silver. Gold and silver coins are legal tender not only by their face value, but also their value in gold and silver or to a collector, writes the Salt Lake Tribune.



US Justice Scandal against Money Liberty

2011-03-30 22:46

Banksters gave evidence on March 18, 2011 that they can abuse the US Justice as they want for their highly criminal purposes. They convicted Liberty Dollar founder Bernhard von NotHaus, 67, of counterfeiting to 25 years in prison. Anne Tompkins, US Attorney handpicked by Barak Obama, stated that NotHaus committed domestic terrorism.

1998 Bernhard von NotHaus founded NORFED issuing the American Liberty Dollar, a complete system for alternative money that challenges the Fiat money system of the FED which is violating section 8 of the US Constitution from 1787. With 9 votes against 2 the fathers of the US Constitution voted against the text: "To Emit Bills of Credit". The FED is exactly doing that, violating section 8, but the US Justice doesn't care.

Because of the bad experience with the Continentals the US Constitution ruled that the state shall not have the power over the US money. Congress may only borrow money from its citizens but not print it itself. Congress may coin money from gold or silver as every citizen. Because Congress failed to do so since John F. Kennedy 1963 (one of the reasons why he was murdered) Bernhard von NotHaus started to supply the US with honest money that is conform with the Constitution.

He produced not only the Liberty Dollar in silver coins but even paper bills for 5, 10, 20 and 500 Dollar representing silver, which was stored with the Canadian Sunshine Mint. Coins and paper bills were changed against US Fiat Dollars at more than 1.000 redemption centres. More than 100.000 people joined the NORFED system which even organized home made checks, electronic transfer of the silver money and debitcards loaded with silver. You could even transfer silver by e-mails.

To convict a man who tries to correct the criminal US money system is a huge Justice Scandal. That's why the mainstream media did not report the case. Even if people could get the impression that the Liberty Dollar is legal tender they would not have a disadvantage because they get real money backed by silver instead of hoax money backed by debt, being close to the tomb. The Silver Dollar will not loose its value due to inflation as the Fiat currency US Dollar will. Counterfeiting means that you get worse money and not better money.

Se the film informing about the Liberty Dollar. Their home page is blocked by Court Order:

Liberty Dollar TLC20040108

searching for the sound | Myspace Video

The harassments against the honest money Liberty Dollar system started already 2007

Ireland Central Bank (CBI) makes its own Euros

2011-03-01 00:00

It's a sensation and the third time a Central Bank (NCB) in the Euro region (EMU) sidesteps the rules and issues it's own money in form of Euros. In case of emergency the Euro-system allows in Article 14.4 of the Statute of the ESCB and the ECB each central bank to make own Euros instead of the ECB, called the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA). The ECB has a veto right if the Governing Council finds, by a majority of two thirds of the votes cast, that ELA interferes with the objectives and tasks of the ESCB.

This veto threat forced Ireland to accept the cruel help conditions from the IMF and ECB in the end of 2010.

The costs and liabilities arising from ELA support are not pooled or shared by the other members of the Eurosystem.

One of the big problems with the Euro is that the countries loose the power to issue their own money when it is needed, and the need comes up in all nations because the lack of money for the interest payments. If they keep to the rules they have to ask for a loan from the ECB, IMF or private banks. But they lost the possibility to make their own Euros because the ECB wants the total controll how much Euros are circulating. The consequence is that a nation really can get bankrupt because they lost the possibility to make their own money.

So it is historical that the Central Bank of Ireland doesn't give a damn about the crazy rules (they acceptet inadequate collateral) and acts as it should act right from the beginning: issuing it's own money. Congratulations to the peopble in Ireland beeing responsible for that. I hope other countries will follow. The problem is of course that ELA speeds up the inflation of the Euro.

Read the article in the Irish Indipendent.

Other intresting article in Nama Wine Lake



Nya delstatsbanker i USA på väg

2011-02-02 16:54

Den amerikanska advokaten Ellen Hodgson Brown rapporterar att flera amerikanska delstater nu övertar det enormt framgångsrika konceptet från North Dakota (Bank of North Dakota/BND) med en egen bank. Först ut är delstaten Washington som lanserat motsvarande lagförslag i båda kammare den 18 januari 2011: »House Bill 1320« och  »Senate Bill 5238«. Banken skall heta Washington Investment Trust (WIT) och hjälpa det lokala näringslivet i delstaten. Delstatens pengar har hittills legat i  Bank of America som har tjänat grova pengar på det genom fractional reserve banking, d v s  att skraffa pengar ur toma intet. Politikerna i Washington tycker nu att det är dags att folket själv "trycker" (tjänar) dessa pengar. Dessutom kommer den statsägda banken inte spela med riskfyllda finansinstrument och avstår från bonusar till banktjänstemännen.

Flera amerikanska delstater är på samma väg: Illinois, Virginia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Michigan, Oregon och Kalifornien.

Mer info finns på hemsidan Public Banking Institute.