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9/11 Bombs not planes smashed WTC

2010-10-17 14:56

It is obvious that the three WTC buildings, 2, 1 an 7 collapsed by controlled demolition.

Listen to the huge amount of witnesses. This video had more than 18.656 090 spectators (okt 2010) !


911 planes not investigated

2010-10-17 14:09

There are a lot of questions about the planes used in 911



President Bush knew of 911 before

2010-10-17 13:58

Look to the evidence that President Bush knew that 911 would happen:



Key wittnesses suicided

2010-10-17 13:10

In the Kennedy murder, the Palme murder, M/S Estonia mass murder and of course 911 key witnesses disapear or "commit suicide".



American Command Central flying over the White House?

2010-10-17 13:02

A mystic plane was spotted over the White House right before hell opened on 9/11.