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För USA ett väderkrig mot Ryssland och tar ett mot Europa på köpet?

2016-06-30 22:11

Den första filmen längst ner hittat beim Honigmann, den andra hos David Icke.

Annat om amerikanska väderkrig på White TV:

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och på kanadensiska Globalresearch:

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Homeopathic Gold aurum metallicum helped 80% of mind control targeted individuals

2016-06-19 22:05

White TV receives every day at least one e-mail, phone call or letter from a mind control victim (targeted individual = TI) somewhere in the world, who begs for help against the torturous mind control technology.


Since more than three years White TV's Dr. Henning Witte recommends to take three different potencies of homeopathic gold, called aurum metallicum (Latin for gold metal), every morning and evening, six globules / pellets from every bottle. He himself also takes aurum metallicum every day in spite that he is not a TI, as far as he knows at least. The higher the potency the better, usually. Everybody should test themselves.

About 80 % of the TI's reported back to Henning Witte that aurum metallicum really helps against mind control, nobody complained about negative side effects. The western Intelligence services have spread the rumour, that aurum metallicum has negative side effects, but that is a lie.

White TV does not know exactly how the gold helps against mind control, but it is most likely that it raises the level of the soul. What we know is that the aurum metallicum destroys the scalar wave resonance that Mossad and other secret services put in place to remote control their victims / TI's. We know also that nothing is shielding against scalar waves, they unfortunately penetrate everything. Therefore the destruction of the resonance is the only known way to day for the light-site, how to protect against the horrible mind control technology.

White TV gets also every day hints with important info and suggestions for publications. Today this hint came anonymously:

The only way to fight this is this...INCREASE THE FREQUENCY VIBRATION OF THE HUMAN BODY This is the reason why GOLD works to reduce symptoms..because it is the highest vibration on the planet All TIs should become vegetarians NO MEAT AT ALL...and eat healthy raw foods or at least as little processed foods as possible...processed foods will make things worse. NO WHITE SUGAR AT ALL. They should begin a meditation and CHANTING practice to get sacred sounds into the body. This will reduce the lower frequency vibrations to which these scalar and other magnetic frequencies can hook to. Mantras from india like as can be found by a search of Dr. Nippun Dhyan on Deep emotional and karmic release work should be taken regularly. NOT hypnosis, but emotional and energy remove ETHERIC implants as well... The mantras should be played and repeated 24/7 as they will decrease the amount of penetration and help to clear the environment. Reduce the use of cell phones and ipads. Negative Vibration is too much. Increase the use of high doses of Vit c...up to 30 GRAMS daily...high doses of vit c can remove many bacterias and viruses... Stay away from the DOCTORS and seek natural cures for things...This includes modern day meds and antibiotics! The use of Detoxamin and EDTA chelation can also remove some implants And one final thing is the use of Neodymium magnets placed over the spot on the human body where there are entrance points of physical implants. These magnets should be able to lift 6-10 kgs...and should be at least 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/8 ...


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Simon Parkes confirms that Gold is a Shield against Mind Control


Did MI5 murder Jo Cox, like Mossad Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh?

2016-06-16 21:02

The murder of the British Labour MP Jo Cox has staggering similarities to the murder of the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh 10th September 2003. 14th September 2003 the EURO-referendum was scheduled. The polls showed a majority for the NO-side, who wanted that Sweden does not join the Euro. Anna Lindh, social democrat as Jo Cox, was campaigning for the YES-side, she loved the Euro idea.

Because of the brutal murder of Anna Lindh, she was stabbed to death in central Stockholm in a shopping mall, all campaign activities were cancelled until the election. Those who organized the murder had hoped that the YES-side would gain sympathy, so that Sweden would join the Euro. Anna Lindh was very popular.

But the opposite was the case. Unusually many Swedes participated in the election and an overwhelming majority voted against the Euro, which was very positive for Sweden.

The evidence is crystal clear that the alleged and convicted murderer of Anna Lindh was under mind control, watch the film below with Ole Dammegård. The Israel ambassador in Stockholm, Zvi Mazel, called Anna Lindh an anti-Semite, because she dared to criticise Israel for their bloody politics in Palestine. At that time the Mossad had already the control over the very advanced Swedish mind control technology.

Anna Lindh left two minor children and a husband.


Jo Cox left husband Brendan and two young children. She was on the loosing Remain campaign.

The Remain and Leave sides are suspending their campaigns for next week's EU referendum following the attack.

In Great Britain the MI5 is still in charge, they are ranked after the Mossad (Bank house Rothschild) the second most powerful intelligence agency in the world. They are also controlled by the dark background forces, the Royal Family, Prince Philip in particular is in charge. So it is very likely, that they committed the murder and not Mossad. The Swedish secret services are just cleaning the shoes of Mossad. They have nothing to say in Sweden.

The witness Hichem Ben-Abdallah tells Swedish Aftonbladet-TV that the killer of Jo Cox had a white baseball caps and that he did not act alone. He seemed to have some military training and acted professional. After the murder he shot into the crowd surrounding the crime scene. Hichem Ben-Abdallah could not confirm that the killer shouted ”Britain First”. Listen to the very important interview in the first film below.

This description of the killer does not fit to the official version with 52 years old Tommy Mair. His brother claims that he has problems with mental illness, which could indicate that he is under mind control. The symptoms of mind control have afterwards been defined as mental illnesses in order to cover up the mind control technology. In the case of Anna Lindh the official killer had also a mental illness, but the real killer was a professional.

Those commanding the Intelligence world don't want that Britain leaves the EU, because the EU is an important mile stone on the road to the New World Order. Everything has to be united under huge pyramid organizations, that makes it easier to control them from the top.

The only purpose for the murder of Jo Cox, which is reasonable, is to give the Remain campaign sympathies. The other side has no interest at all to get negative publicity and does not need killings, because they have the better arguments.

Most likely more voters will join on the voting day 23rd June 2016 and more on the Brexit side. The effect will be the opposite of what the conspiracy wanted, as in Sweden 2003. But the establishment will rig the elections, as in Scotland, and will proceed to fight with criminal tricks, to keep Britain within the undemocratic EU.



Är det konstiga vädret konstgjort?

2016-06-11 16:25

källa: Kopp-Online; konstgjorda moln

Många vakna själar undrar om det konstiga och extrema vädret är resultatet av USA:s, Sveriges och andras vädermaskiner? White TV tittare vet ju redan att sådana vädervapen finns. Även om Haarp uppges har lagts ner, så stämmer det inte. Väderkrigsmaskinerna i form av antennskogar slipas och utvecklas, bl. a. eftersom gammelmedia och oseriösa medieforskare tiger om detta ämne, så att väderbrottslingarna kan jobba ostörda.


I Östergötland, Rejmyre, har temperaturen under de senaste sex veckorna skiftat mellan -2 till +31 grader. Så extremt har det aldrig varit. SMHI klarar inte längre av att spå vädret, därför att de vägrar erkänna vädervapen och på så sätt inte intresserar sig för de faktorer som nuförtiden bestämmer vädret.

De ledande vädervapenavslöjarna Dutchsinse och GeoEngineering Watch verkar vara lite utsalgna just nu. Eldsjälarna i Sverige ligger tyvärr också låga.

Klara bevis för att vädervapnen bestämmer vårt väder finns tyvärr inte för närvarande att hitta på nätet. Återstår bara misstankarna.

Tack för en kommentar som kommit och som är möjligtvis beviset:


Mer om vädervapen på White TV:

30 år sedan USA:s skalärvapen utraderade Tjernobyl; Sverige med på ett hörn?

Är det väderkriget mot Iran med 74 C som igen förstört vår sommar som 2012?

USA och Sverige sluta förstöra vår sommar med HAARP!

Låt folket bestämma vädret och inte det amerikanska försvaret;

I Sverige får bara rika och politiker beställa vackert väder;

Kennedy talar redan 1961 om reglering av väderkontroll;


Magneter kan påverka mänskligt beteende

2016-05-30 20:25

Den här lilla filmen visar på ett övertygande sätt hur magnetisk strålning kan påverka vår hjärna. Vi vet redan genom mind control forskningen, att magnetiska skalärvågor används inom mind control. Försöket nedan bekräftar det.

Filmen hittat hos Das Erwachen der Valkyrja.