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CIA supplies paedophiles with children, Melanie Vritschans daughter still kidnapped on unknown location

2017-10-31 16:25


Last week a court in Brussels ruled that Melanie Vritschan must be releases from the closed psychiatry because there is no reason to believe that she is mentally ill. But her kidnapped babygirl is still not back with her mother. An other court ruled 30 days separation from the mother and now a criminal soul applied for an other 30 days. Nobody could confirm where the baby Amethyst is.

The Brussels network that kidnapped Melanie Vritschans baby Amethyst seems to be very well organized and that Amethyst is not their first victim!

Melanie needs at least 2 000 EUR for the new litigation to free her baby, see second film below. Here the link:

Account holder : ICATOR
IBAN number : BE22 0017 8406 7547

Brussels and Erasme hospital kidnapped Melanie Vritschans baby. Work together with Satanists?;



Bränderna i Kalifornien var konstgjorda med hemliga energivapen, skalärvågor eller bara laser?

2017-10-27 20:05

Jag ville först inte tro på de tips White TV fick, att de intensiva bränderna i Kalifornien i början av oktober 2017 skulle vara anlagda med hemliga vapen. Det var ju torka i åratal där nere och då brinner det lätt. Men nu strömmar det in mer och mer bevis att så var fallet. Titta bara på denna bild:


Alla träd har inte brunnit men byggnaderna är helt förstörda, och, OBS! macken har inte tagit eld!!!

Got you!

Jim Stone har i samarbete med Henry Makow också gått ut med alarmerande text och bilder:

"1. Some people got heart palpitations from having their bodies charged.

2. MANY MANY people saw electrical flashes that made no thunder in the perfectly clear blue sky, and worse, some people even saw small blue sparks everywhere in the air around them.

3. MOST DAMNING: People are reporting that their electronics malfunctioned before the fires hit, with the most pronounced and spoken about malfunction being at a hotel (The Silverado resort and spa), where ALL of the electrical systems in the hotel malfunctioned, including the electronic access doors, forcing people to jump from windows (because they could not leave their rooms) to escape an approaching fire that instantly appeared out of nowhere in perfect weather.

It is very important to make note of the malfunctioning doors, because a simple power outage will not stop those from working. Something jammed the circuits in the doors. Simultaneously the hotel lost main power, generator backup, UPS backup, and local battery backup. Not even the always operational emergency hall lights worked. That would be totally consistent with a massively potent EM weapon causing complete electronic malfunction because not even the circuits in the emergency backup lighting that turn it on (which operate independently of everything off of a small battery right in the light itself), not even circuits at that small level worked."

Hur kan det vara att alla hus brunnit upp men inte träden??? Jo, om du använder hemliga skalärvapen då skyddar skalärvågorna från trädens aurafält, så att de brinner svårare. Helt enkelt interferens av skalärvågor.

Titta på dessa bilder där träd enbart brinner på insidan:

källa; bilden talar för sig själv


P.S.: Hoppas att MSB varanar samtliga brandkår i Sverige för den här nya typen av bränder.

Se även på WTV:


Al Bielek från Montauk Project berättar om tidsresor, time travel

2017-10-25 22:46

källa; boken är undangömt av Google censur

Al Bielek och Preston Nichols har blivit kända för sina publikationer om Montauk-projektet. Tyvärr har Google censurerat bort länkarna till deras böcker. Bara en amazon-link till filmer finns.

Tidsresor är möjliga. Hitler hade utvecklad die Glocke för det, en magnetisk monopol.

På 1:12:15, alltså mot slutet av filmen, berättar Al Bielek hur Montauk-projektet finansierades: ett amerikanskt godståg med extremt mycket guld sprängdes i en fransk tunnel. 51 GI:s mördades och guldet togs som finansiereing för Montauk. När general George S. Patton kom sanningen för nära under hans undersökningar av detta massmord, blev även han mördad. Genom denna finansering kunde projektet gömmas undan kontrollen av den amerikanska kongressen.

Manchurian Candidate och andra mind control MK-Ultra projekt i USA med Rauni Kilde;

Hitlers hemligaste vapen: Die Glocke;



Manchurian Candidate och andra mind control MK-Ultra projekt i USA med Rauni Kilde

2017-10-24 21:40

Foto: Henning Witte: sista bilden på Dr. Rauni Kilde (höger) med Magnus Olssons mamma Elisabeth i Bryssel nov 2014 på den första internationella Mind Control konferensen

Det här är en utmärkt film om amerikansk mind control och även svensk, då gamla bilder med Robert Naeslund och Rauni Kilde visas från tiden runt 1995 och innan. Mycket pedagogisk film som även förklarar att röster i huvudet inte är en psykisk sjukdom utan hemlig teknologi.

Se även på WTV The Manchurian Candidate 1962


Brussels and Erasme hospital kidnapped Melanie Vritschans baby. Work together with Satanists?

2017-10-22 19:57

Melanie Vritschan and her child Amethyste kidnapped and separated in Brussels

I, Dr. Henning Witte, know Melanie Vritschan since 2012 and have assisted her sometimes as a lawyer. She contacted me today 22nd October 2017 and complained severely about the treatment she had suffered by several Belgian authorities and hospitals.

18th October 2017 at 16:30 Melanie gave birth to her daughter Amethyste Vritschan in the Erasme university-hospital in central Brusseles. We send the warmest congratulations! During the birth her friend Dr. Katherine Horton visited her for assistance, because there is no father due to in vitro fertilization (IVF). While Melanie still was under anaesthesia Katherine talked to the midwife, who wanted to know how she met Melanie. Katherine informed the midwife that they made their acquaintance during a conference about non consensual experimentation on humans.

Some hours later suddenly doctors and psychiatrists from the Erasme hospital showed up at Melanies bed and claimed that Melanie would be mentally ill. The midwife, referring to her talk to Dr. Horton, told them, Melanie would have complained about voices in her skull telling her, somebody would kill her baby. Neither the midwife nor others talked directly with Melanie about that. Dr. Katherine Horton confirmed to a lot of witnesses that she never said so. The midwife and/or others are making that up.

One psychiatrist gave Melanie only two choices: ether you accept by free will to be put into closed psychiatry or we demand the prosecutor and police to lock you up there by force. Melanie chose to comply without force, but no medication. In spite of that she was transported to the local police authorities against her will and incarcerated 24 hours in a cell without a toilet, only one mattress on the naked concrete floor. The police took her cellphone and money away so that she had no opportunity to call for help.

The next day the prosecutor decided to lock Melanie into psychiatry in the same Erasme hospital, but an other section. When she was delivered back to Erasme, she was locked into a cellar- and isolation-cell with concrete walls and floor, no furnitures, like in the Middle Ages. After agonizing lots of hours she was than put into a two bed room in psychiatry with a neighbour that loudly protested against somebody else in the room. In spite of that Melanie could not sleep for two nights, because in the next room to hers was an isolation-cell for patients, where one man yelled and shouted and cried and knocked on the wall all the time extremely loud during day and night.

The psychiatrists forced neuroleptics into Melanies body against her will, without having a clear diagnosis or at least an introduction discussion with her. It made Melanie very dizzy and knocked out. Melanie had not been shown any papers that confirm that the authorities have the legal right to lock her up, what her mental illness is or how she can complain about her situation.

The responsible doctors are Dr. Frédérick Milcent, Dr. Delhaye and Dr. Szambout.

On Wednesday the 25th October 2017 a litigation is scheduled and Melanie is forced to take a lawyer she never met up to now and who not even showed up to Melanie once.

What worse is, the Erasme hospital took away Melanies new born, healthy, baby Amethyste on the 19th October 2017 to the neonatal unit of the same hospital without any authorisation by Melanie (exept two hours), her family or an authority, at least Melanie did not receive any paper giving the right to anybody to separate the child from her mother.

Melanies father came from Cologne two times to visit his granddaughter, but was always forbidden to see Amethyste. Nobody has seen her since the kidnapping and the danger is great, that she have been given to Satanists, doing satanic rituals to her. Brussels is one of the most satanic towns in the European Union.

Melanie has once been in the clutches of Belgian psychiatry, 30th December 2013, but the researching doctor confirmed that she is not mentally ill and released her immediately. Nobody who had contact to her has ever got the impression that she is mentally ill.

This information is based on my telephone call with Melanie this evening. Melanie never lied to me.

Please call the Erasme Hospital and protest against Melanie and Amethyste Vritschans inhumane treatment and try even to talk to Melanie to give her support at tel: +32 2 555 31 11

When I called her, the call was technically disturbed several times by unknown forces.