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Två ovanliga jordbävningar på nordpolen, en reptobas förstörd?

2017-01-16 18:27


Simon Parkes var först ut med  på sin hemsida att informera om två extremt ovanliga jordbävningar på nordpolen:

9 januari 2017: Earthquake at North Pole measures 5.8 at a depth of around 15 miles - there are no known fault lines in this location but there is (or was) an underground base.

12 januari 2017: Second earthquake at the North Pole, 100 Miles north of the first one.

Det finns inga tektoniska plattor eller vulkaner på det stället vid nordpolen, där jordbävningarna ägde rum. Det är därför det måste ha hänt något extremt ovanligt där.

"A SECOND earthquake has taken place within 24 hours, in the Barrow Strait waterway, north of the Arctic Circle.  Today's quake measured Magnitude 5.2 and was at a shallow depth of about 15 km.

This comes only eighteen hours after an earlier, larger, deeper quake, measuring Magnitude 5.8 in almost the identical location!

The two quakes have taken place in an area where there are no known active seismic faults.

In addition, the area in which these quakes has taken place is made up of such old, hard rock, the vibrations from both quakes traveled extraordinary distances, being detected on Seismographs at the Yellowstone National Park super-volcano, 2144 miles to the southwest, and also being recorded on the US Geological Survey ANSS Backbone, as far away as New Mexico!" rapporterar SuperStation95 den 9 januari 2017.

Enligt flera av varandra oberoende källor som Simon Parkes har tillgång till, har en eller två reptobaser under nordpolen slagits ut (från min 50:00 i filmen nedan).  Reptiloiderna tycker om just denna djup och de behöver mycket värme, men inget syre, enligt Simon Parkes.

Med detta bekräftas bilden, att allt fler reptos tvingas att lämna jorden. White TV hade för någon månad sedan fått pålitliga informationer att en reptilliknande varelse ovanför Stockholm luftades och fick lämna planeten.

Jorden och mänskligheten befrias med stora steg. 2017 börjar riktigt bra!

Att UAS:s utrikesminister var på Antarktis under valdagen den 8 november 2016 hade White TV rapporterat om. Enligt Simon Parkes deltog även Påven vid ett hemligt möte där med en grupp av de stora Nordiska, som i sin tur kontrolleras av drakoreptilerna.

Läs närmare på WTV om det:

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Russia Won the Scalar Wave War and stopped WW3

2017-01-12 00:00

Prof. Konstantin Meyl and his new book:

Physics professor Konstantin Meyl has recently published his new book Der Skalarwellenkrieg. Meyl is the worlds leading expert on scalar waves, a form of waves which had been kept secret from public knowledge for over 100 years. Nikola Tesla was first to demonstrate the world, what scalar waves are, in his famous Colorado Springs experiment 1899 where he sent electric energy through the air without cables to light bulbs in a distance of 30 miles. The electricity was sent quicker than light and the bulbs received more energy than Tesla had sent away (over unity effect), because the transport vehicle for the electric energy, an electric scalar wave, sucked free energy from the surrounding nature, free neutrino power, during its voyage.

1990 Prof. Meyl detected the magnetic scalar wave, which is biologically relevant and even useful as a weapon.

The conspiracy against the scalar waves started even before Teslas discovery in Colorado Springs 1899, when the brilliant English mathematician James Clerk Maxwell died in 1879. His disciples Heaviside and Gibbs and even Heinrich Hertz falsified the third Maxwell equation after his death an put the part describing scalar waves to zero with the argument, that only electromagnetic waves had been detected so far (by Hertz 1886), but no scalar waves. They did not correct their mistake, when Tesla detected the electric scalar wave in 1899 and Lord Kelvin officially confirmed that both kinds of waves exist and had been recently discovered.

Since than the scalar waves had been covered up, JP Morgan canceled financing Tesla, burned his laboratory, tore down the Wardenclyffe Tower and the Nobel Prize Committee never gave Tesla the prize. He was marginalized and taken off the history books, mainly because nobody should know about free energy.

Because Tesla came from Croatia/Serbia, a lot of his research, which granted him over 700 patents, was sent back to Serbia when Tesla died 1943 in New York. Stalin gave the order to suck in every peace of Teslas research. The Russians even bought his patent to transfer free energy from St. Petersburg to Siberia. The US on the other hand did everything, to cover up Teslas genius research results. This should have dire consequences until our days!

By private personal contacts Tesla could even supply German scientists during WW2 with parts of his scalar wave technology. But the Nazis had even other sources, mainly from the Vril-society ladies, with Maria Orsic in the lead. Prof. Meyl focuses in his new book Der Skalarwellenkrieg on one of Hitlers most secret weapons: die Glocke, the Bell.

Meyl admits, that there is very litle known about die Glocke, but he got the information without being able to tell his sources, that the Bell was a magnetic monopole emitting magnetic scalar waves and used as a beam-weapon. During the end of WW2 it was, if we may believe Meyl, transported from Poland on the railway to Iran, because it was so huge and heavy, so it did not fit in a plane.

This together with a lot of Hitlers top scientists put the Iran in a position of scalar wave power up to our days.

Stalin kidnapped a lot of top Nazi scientists, especially the skilled radar researchers. They were needed for the phase conjugated radar system, that can sent two different scalar waves to meet, the so called scalar wave interferometer (Tom Bearden). In the meeting point of the two different scalar wave beams a lot of energy can be focused, that is able to destroy the most powerful weapons on earth, even the earth itself.

The US did not get Hitlers scalar wave scientists, only Wernher von Braun and Gestapo Müller.

That enabled Stalin to start the cold war with a scalar wave attack, in the Bermuda triangle of all places, where the US military used to have exercises."Flight-19 was the code name for Five Avenger bomber planes that took off from the Naval base at Florida on 5th of December 1945, but never returned. U.S Navy's final report mentioned "Reasons Unknown" when citing the cause of the incident."

During and after the Korean War 1950 a lot of American prisoners of war, who had been in Soviet or Chinese prison camps, came home as remote controlled killer machines, as Manchurian Candidates. A trigger word during a telephone call and they dropped everything, picked up a hidden weapon and killed the person they had been programmed to kill. After that often a suicide program kicked in. The Americans got shocked. They had not advanced in the horrible mind control technology as the Russians. Mind control is mainly done with scalar waves.

During the 1970s the USA suffered from extreme weather and earthquakes, more than usual. Linked to that was "the Russian Woodpecker [which] was a notorious Soviet signal that could be heard on the shortwave radio bands worldwide between July 1976 and December 1989. It sounded like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise, at 10 Hz, giving rise to the "Woodpecker" name. It was sent by the Duga-3 array outside Chernobyl quicker than light, often at 31,5 Hz. The atomic power plant in Chernobyl gave all its electric energy to the Duga-3 facility. When the US detected that the Soviet Union planned a devastating earthquake in the San Francisco Bay, they used their new scalar weapons to destroy the atomic reactor in Chernobyl 25 April 1986.

The American answer to the Russian Duga-3 became the HAARP facility in Gakona Alaska. They use scalar waves too, but in a more primitive way compared to the Russians. HAARP was used to drown Irak with water during operation Desert Storm. HAARP changed the jet-stream from the North Pole to more southern regions. Central Europe was flooded, the water war was continuously sent down more south to the Irak. What the culprits at HAARP did not foresee was the fact, that clouds over a desert do not suck up water but sand. Their own troops had to suffer a lot by desert storms during Desert Storm ….


1999 the NATO intervened in the Balkan/Kosovo war, to give American interests (Soros & Co) control over uranium and Trepca mines and other valuable assets of the region. “Kosovo alone has the richest mineral resources in all of Europe.” wrote the Digital Journal.

The Army spent a half billion dollars sending two dozen AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to Albania this spring for NATO's fight against Yugoslav troops tearing up Kosovo. But the Apaches never fired a shot in combat. … Instead, they were grounded by Pentagon fears about potential U.S. casualties.” Washington Post reported.

In the first NATO casualties of Operation Allied Force, the two crew members of a U.S. Army Apache attack helicopter were killed when their aircraft crashed in Albania early Wednesday” CNN informed 5 May 1999. Prof. Meyl claims, they crashed against an invisible wall of scalar waves, a Tesla-dome.

One of the Russian scalar weapons had been hidden in the Chinese embassy in Belgrad. That was the real reason why NATO bombed it deliberately.

4 December 2012 Iran published the capture of an unmanned US drone Scan-Eagle type over Iranian territory. The Pentagon denied that, but Obama demanded it back. Usually if you capture a drone, it destroys itself automatically. Only advanced scalar wave technology made it possible for Iran to catch the drone totally unharmed. Is this the legacy of die Glocke?

10 April 2014 Russia humiliated the US by jamming all electronic on the USS Donald Cook, which had the most advanced electronic weapons on board, the Aegis system. “The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device. Voltaire Net reported.

In October 2015 this headline attracted attention all over the world:

Russian Jamming System Blocks All NATO Electronics Inside Bubble 600 Km in Diameter over Syria

With scalar wave technology the Russians blocked all the electronic devices in the American and ISIS weaponry in Syria.

One year ago, 11 January 2016, Iran humiliated the US again. They captured two American patrol boats on Iranian waters. The crews lost complete control over their vessels, because all electronic finished to work. Even the GPS on the crews cellphones had been out of order. This technology is based on scalar waves.

A video aired Wednesday by Iranian state television shows an American sailor apologizing for entering Iranian waters, an embarrassing development for a U.S. administration trying to paint the service members' quick release as a diplomatic victory.” reported CNN.

This Iranian weapons supremacy resulted in the new agreement between the US and Iran from 16 january 2016, only five days after the last show down from Iran.

Thank you Nikola Tesla and your reincarnation Konstantin Meyl for all the information and technology you gave to man kind! And thanks to Russia and president Putin, that they stopped the terrorists in Syria and WW3!

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Simon Parkes om GUD, kosmos, solen och mycket mer med Victoria Vives

2017-01-10 18:03

Intervjun är från juni 2015 men mycket tidslös i sina ämnen. Simon Parkes uppmärksammade idag på sin hemsida på:

"British newspaper the Daily Express in its electronic version has broken the story of buildings found in Antarctica of a previous race of people."

Här är inslaget från Daily Mail:

Is there a lost city in Antarctica? Mysterious dome 'building' may have been created by an ancient civilisation, bizarre theory claims


Drako-reptilerna hjälpte Hitler

2017-01-05 01:51

ritning av en drako-reptiloid (vita och mäktigast) från Simon Parkes, som han kallade dad

Nordiska motståndsrörelsen och andra Hitler beundrare har tyvärr inte lärt sig, att Hitler valdes av de negativa bakgrundskrafterna därför att Hitler var en ättling till Salomon Rothschild (Wien) bara två generationer tillbaka. Därmed hade han DNA-sekvenser som gör mind control extra lätt för de extremt negativa krafterna. De styrde Hitler hela tiden så att Tyskland i slutändan skulle förlora WW2 och stora mängder människor.

Nedan har vi ett mycket centralt vittnesmål från en amerikansk agent från WW2 som bekräftar, att Drako-reptilerna hjälpte Hitler.

Liknande på WTV:

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Barnsex, barntortyr och äta barn har alltid varit den hemliga elitens supernöje

2016-12-16 21:38

Barnsexhärvan #Pizzagate runt Hellary Clinton har lyckligtvis spridits långt tack vare alternativa media, de semialternativa som ofria Fria Tider eller Avpixlat tiger dock inbiten, då de är under sionistisk kontroll och tillåts enbart komma med bra kritik mot den kriminella invandringspolitiken, därför den är lättast att upptäcka och då skall flest människor sättas under kontrollerad opposition där.

Den hemliga eliten har sedan urminnestider missbrukat, torterat och ätit upp barn. Först nu, när deras makt bryts ner med rasande fart, lyckas de inte längre att lägga locket på. Utan att serva satanisterna får man inte göra karriär i Hollywood.

Idag kom även följande tips till WTV:

New Report To U.N. Special Rapporteur Blasts Secret U.S. Torture Network

källa: skådespelaren och Hollywood wistleblowern Elijah Wood

Läs även på The Guardian:

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