Trump är en sionistisk Israel-slickare

2016-04-02 17:25

Eftersom Rothschild styrda israeliska Mossad kontrollerar de svenska media med mind control och andra brottsliga verktyg hör vi aldrig något om de avgörande kriterierna för att kunna bedöma den ledande amerikanske presidentkandidaten Donald Trump. White TV var den ende i Sverige som varnade för Trumps ovanligt täta maffiakontakter. Nu kommer nya uppgifter, att han även slickar sionisterna (vilket är lika med reptilerna som gömmer sig bakom de ledande judarna) och Israel.


Donald Trumps tal inför Israel lobbyn AIPAC nyligen var mycket avslöjande, rapporterar Veterans Today (VT). Ingen kritik mot de olagliga bosättningarna i den palestinska staten, ingen kritik mot de utomrättsliga avrättningarna, men kritik mot avtalet med Iran och många andra slickerier:

"I know a lot of people have had their hopes up about Donald Trump. When the Republican candidate said the war in Iraq was a disaster and that Bush had lied to get us in that war, a lot of people, myself included, took it as a hopeful sign.

We also assumed that since he was self-funding his campaign, he would not be as dependent upon the pro-Israel lobby, and might, if elected, actually chart a course of independence away from our usual servitude to Israel.

But the speech given by Trump before AIPAC earlier this evening is perhaps the most fawning speech any candidate could possibly have given. Even Joe Biden’s speech yesterday had more teeth to it, and Biden is known for being one of the most kowtowing Israel supporters in Washington. Biden at least had the nerve to criticize Israel for its settlement expansions.

Not only did Trump make no mention of the settlements, not only was he mute on the subject of the theft of Palestinian land and destruction of homes, but he accused the Palestinians of terrorism, of teaching their children to hate Jews, and he promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

He also vowed essentially to scrap the Iran deal and even claimed that Iranian missiles are inscribed with the words “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth”–an allegation that appears based on nothing more than a tweet posted earlier this month. If you’re a dedicated Zionist, what’s not to like?

“Israel does not name public squares after terrorists,” says Trump. No, it just elects them as prime minister. Maybe it’s time we started rethinking the whole subject of Donald Trump. I’m not saying do or don’t vote for him.

I’m simply saying that in AIPAC we have an organization whose goal is to further the interest of an apartheid state that routinely kills women and children, and that when a presidential candidate appears on a podium before such an assembly and expresses his own accord with those objectives, then maybe we should take his words at face value."

Hela talet återges under o.n. länken.

Intressant är också det här inslaget på VT:

Bombshell revelation!

Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC

Även Trumps utrikespolitiska rådgivare är ett kraftigt alarmtecken varnar kanadensiska Global Research:

"First up for scrutiny is Walid Phares, perhaps the most well known of Trump’s foreign policy team. Phares is a regular commentator on FOX News where he generally espouses more or less the same policies as any typical Washington neoconservative. Indeed, his pedigree and history place him squarely in the aggressive neocon camp, including as one of the main advisers (along with notable neocons Robert Kagan, Eliot Cohen, Eric Edelman, et al) to Mitt Romney in his failed 2012 presidential campaign.

Phares spent a decade as a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), a well known neoconservative think tank long since understood as pro-Israel, and widely regarded as part of the influential Israel Lobby. In fact, FDD president and founder Clifford May described the group’s mission as being “to enhance Israel’s image in North America and the public’s understanding of issues affecting Israeli-Arab relations.”

To that end, Phares has long-standing ties, both professionally and ideologically, with Israel and the hardliner policies of Tel Aviv. As Professor As`ad AbuKhalil of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley wrote in 2011:

Phares’ first career began early in the Lebanese civil war of the 1975-1990 when he allied himself with the right-wing militias, armed and financed by Israel… After Genral [sic] Michel Auon assumed the presidency of Lebanon in 1988, Phares joined the right-wing coalition known as the Lebanese Front, which consisted of various sectarian groupings and militia [sic]. The Front backed Gen. Auon in his struggles against the Syrian regime of Hafez al-Assad and the Muslims of Lebanon. Phares’s role was not small, according to Beirut newspaper accounts.. He served as vice chair of another front’s political leadership committee, headed by a man named Etienne Saqr, whose Guardians of Cedar militia voiced the slogan “Kill a Palestinian and you shall enter Heaven.”… The Front was also backed by Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, a bitter foe of the Syrians.

Indeed, as respected foreign policy analyst Jim Lobe noted, Phares is “controversial for his past ties to the militant Phalange movement in Lebanon.” For the uninitiated, the Phalange movement is responsible for brutal repression of Palestinians and has been deeply connected to the Israeli state going back to the founding of Israel in 1948. As the New York Times wrote in July 1983 in the aftermath of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, “The Maronite Christians of Lebanon and their Phalangist Party became Israel’s key allies during the war in Lebanon that began when Israeli troops invaded Lebanon in June 1982… the Phalangist militias [showed] ruthlessness in massacring hundreds of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut last September.”

And this is the world from which the FOX News “expert” and key foreign policy advisor to Trump emerges. So while Mr. Trump touts his “fairness” and not wanting to “take sides” in the Israel-Palestine conflict, he’ll have a key belligerent and party to war crimes against Palestinians whispering in his ear. Not exactly the sort of revelation that engenders much hope. Also interesting to note is the decades old hatred of the Assad family in Syria that Phares has evinced. Perhaps this explains, at least in part, why Trump has publicly called for a ground invasion of Syria and Iraq with up to 30,000 US troops; so much for non-interventionism.

Chairing Trump’s foreign policy team is Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a far right conservative whose actual positions on the key issues of war and peace demonstrate unmitigated imperialistic views. He voted YES to enlarging NATO to include Eastern Europe (along with his colleague Hillary Clinton), which certainly calls into question the very notion that Trump has any real intention to move the US away from NATO. Additionally, in perhaps the most important political vote in the last few decades, Sessions was unabashedly in favor of the Iraq War. He proclaimed on the floor of the US Senate at the time:

Our motive is good, our goals positive and realistic, and our leaders honest, careful, principled and have the courage to act on those beliefs… I know the vision that President Bush has to protect his people and improve the world…  The American people did not sacrifice to create the greatest military in history to allow China, Russia or even France to have a veto over its use. It is no wonder that these nations would like, through the mechanism of the United Nations, to seize control over our military and to use it as they will.

Aside from being disastrously wrong on Iraq (along with Hillary Clinton), Sessions also voted YES on designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization as part of the National Defense Authorization Act in 2007. He steadfastly supported continued occupation of Iraq long into 2008, when many others had already conceded the war as a disaster and were ready to leave. And, lest anyone think Sessions merely voted this way out of party loyalty during the Bush administration, it should be noted that he voted YES on the bombing of Kosovo under Bill Clinton, yet another instance where he and Hillary were in agreement. Other examples abound of Trump’s foreign policy Chair’s serial warmongering."

Sedan nämns även förre generallöjtnanten Keith Kellogg, som arbetar för ett av företagen som det amerikanska försvaret hat privatiserat för att lättare kunna begå brott, inte minst systematisk tortyr, i det här fallet CACI International.

Även Joe Schmitz är Trumps rådgivare. Han var inspector general i det amerikanska försvarsdepartementet under Busch junior, som var ansvarig för otaliga krigsbrott. Idag arbetar han för det ökända bolaget Blackwater (de flesta Rothschildkontrollerade bolag har namnet Black med, djävulens färg, t.ex. BlackRock, Blackstone). Blackwater är ansvarig för tusentals mord och massakrer på oskyldiga civila i Irak, en av de främsta anledningar att vi har flyktingkris i Mellanöstern.

Carter Page och George Papadopoulos skall också nämnas. De kommer från Big Oil. Fler kommentarer behövs inte.

De flesta har tyvärr inte begripit hur bra Obama är. När han lämnar makten kommer flera att upptäcka hur han har kämpat mot sionisterna bakom kulisserna och deras ständiga försök att dra igång det tredje världskriget.

Risken för krig ökar markant med Trump eller Clinton vid makten!

Annan svidande Trump kritik på White TV:

Don Donaldo Trump har maffiarötter; (det här inslaget återgavs enbart hos Bakom Kulisserna, alla andra teg .... )

När man googlar Trump maffia rötter kommer inslaget inte upp. Ett nytt fall av Google-censur!

Tack Obama att Ni slår AIPAC på fingrarna med hot om Iran veto;


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