Ljusa krafter lyckades sabotera CERN den 15 augusti 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015 22:01

White TV tittare vet redan att CERN-anläggningens huvuduppgift i Schweiz är att skapa eller hålla öppen en portal, a wormhole, en dörr till en annan dimension. Simon Parkes har varit tydlig med detta och även forskningschefen för CERN, Sergio Bertolucci, har antytt det.

I lördags, den 15 augusti 2015, skulle en större test göras på CERN. Simon Parkes gick ut innan och bad alla ljusa krafter på planeten att mötas i en gemensam meditation just då för att sabotera CERN, så att de mörka krafterna blir avklippta från sin förstärkning.

White TV missade tyvärr Simon Parkes upprop, då det enbart publicerades på hemsidan utan utskick. Med Source menar han GUD:

"On the 15th August a unique planetary alignment is to take place.  The hadron collider will be pushed to its maximum output on the 15th.   The purpose of this is to break human’s connection to source.  The earth has a natural bio rhythm which rises and falls just as a surfer on a surf board rides the ocean wave so the hadron collider is intending to ride the natural bio rhythmic wave from the earth.  Obviously this is not a good thing. 

At 12 noon BST (please check your timings here http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/bst) I ask you to sit from 12 noon BST for 5 minutes and I wish you to provide a thought that the intended operation does not stop the earth’s connection to source (I've had to word this in a particular way so that it does not break any government rules) basically I would like you to send healing thoughts to the hadron collider.  I will be able to use those positive thoughts to provide a beneficial outcome.  This happening in August is not to be confused with the energy wave expected in September.  I will be calling on all of you to provide assistance at that time.  I know that many of you have been really looking forward to undertaking some positive action and finally we now have our first real challenge.  I can’t emphasise enough how important our first test is.   You have all joined connecting consciousness for many reasons, whatever those reasons the outcome is a shared outcome and we face our first hurdle on the 15th.  Let us ensure that we are successful.

The main protagonist in this battle is artificial intelligence known to some as Velon/Archon – it is this that we first meet head on on the 15th August and for those of you who are keen on research this is directly linked to chemtrails

Nu publicerade Simon Parkes resultatet:


15th August 2015

Today at least 500 people in different countries around the world worked together to achieve a remarkable result. The CERN device unfortunately failed to operate at 3am BST when the controllers tried to sneak an early operating start.  By the time you had concluded the meditation the device was only partially operational and did NOT operate at full power.  Humans are still connected to Source and the balance has been maintained. This is the second time the device has failed when pushing the parameters of the multi-verse."

David Ickes hemsida fanns idag följande om CERN:

"What in the world is going on over at CERN? Are scientists playing around with forces that they simply do not understand?  Some of the things that I am going to share with you in this article are deeply disturbing. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) is purposely smashing particles into one another at astonishingly high speeds.  If you think that sounds incredibly dangerous, you are not alone.  ...

Just recently, I was at a meeting during which Brad Scott suggested that the horrific earthquake in Nepal on April 25th coincided with some very unusual activity at the Large Hadron Collider.  I had never heard this before, and since I am skeptical by nature, I decided to not just take his word for it and look into it myself.  And the truth is that it is hard to come to any solid conclusions about this.  You can watch this video and decide for yourself. ....

So is it really a good idea to be increasing the frequency of collisions so much?  The following is an excerpt from a recent press release that contained some of the specific technical details…

As for any machine exploring a new energy frontier, operators at the LHC face many challenges on a daily basis. Since the start of Run 2, they have been gradually increasing the intensity of the LHC’s two beams, which travel in opposite directions around the 27-kilometre ring at almost the speed of light. The LHC has run at the record high energy with each beam containing up to 476 bunches of 100 billion protons, delivering collisions every 50 nanoseconds. In the coming days, the intensity should increase further with a new rhythm of 25 nanoseconds. After a planned technical stop in early September, the teams will also be able to increase the number of bunches with the goal of reaching more than 2000 bunches per beam by the end of 2015.

“During the hardware-commissioning phase, we have learnt to manage carefully the huge energy stored in the magnets. Now with beam commissioning we have to learn progressively how to store and handle the beam energy,” said CERN Director of Accelerators and Technology Frédérick Bordry. “Our goal for 2015 is to reach the nominal performance of the LHC at 13 TeV so as to exploit its potential from 2016 to 2018.” (Färg genom White TV)

källa: 27 kilometer ringarna i CERN, där protoner kretsar i motsatt riktning, en Tesla spole med andra ord

Det är mycket intressant att CERN låter två partikel-strålar gå i en krets i motsatt riktning under inflytande av magneter. Detta betyder inget annat än att CERN skapar skalärvågor, förmodligen magnetiska skalärvågor, som råkar vara livets verktyg för kommunikation i hela universum.

White TV delar inte uppfattningen att CERN även skulle kunna öppna ett svart hål, men har inte tillräckligt med kompetens att avgöra frågan helt och hållet. Men Stephen Hawking går inte att lita på. Han har inte lärt sig något av fysikprofessorn Konstantin Meyl. Hawking missar, som de flesta fysiker, ursprungsfältet, aethern och därmed skalärvågorna. Men det är illa nog med att CERN håller en portal öppen för de negativa bakgrundskrafterna.

Annan häpnadsväckande CERN forskning på White TV:

CERN:s forskningschef medger att CERN kan öppna dimensions portaler och släppa saker igenom;

Finns det ett samband mellan Saturnus, Hitlers Wunderwaffe Die Glocke(Bell) och CERN?;

Svarta hål förklaras enklast med skalärvågor och deras neutriner;

David Wilcocks forskning om fältet som är källan till allt;

Kvantfysik är nonsens och mörk energi finns inte;


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