Proof that Nazis got Power in Ukraine after US-Coup d'état in February 2014 Upd 27.2.

Saturday, 26 February 2022 06:04


The extremly Reptilian-corrupted massmedia in the West are very quick to blame people they don't like as nazis, f e conservatives. But when real nazis got power in Ukraine 2014 thanks to USA (Nuland) and Israel, than the ugly massmedia keep quite. There are no other countries after WW2 where Nazis openly got into power than Ukraine since 2014, after the American coup d'état from February 2014.

I, Dr. Henning Witte, made a thorough research at those days and got realy chocked that somebody could dare to put nazis in charge. The US and Israel did that because that was the easiest way for them to put thugs into power in order to destabilize Ukraine, who did want to be independent from both Russia and USA. Ukraine should than join NATO and so it was easier to start WW3.

So this Sputnik article tells the truth even it is a Russian source:

"For years, Russia has been calling on Western nations to investigate cases of human rights abuse, illegal killings, and war crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities that came to power after the 2014 coup. Moscow pointed out that many of them were committed by neo-Nazis against Russians or Russian-speaking people.   .....

Moscow has repeatedly warned foreign nations about neo-Nazis taking control of Ukraine following the West-backed coup in 2014. However, Western nations chose to ignore the human rights violations committed by the Kiev regime.

What were these crimes?

Setting Trade Unions House on Fire.... With People in It

As nationalists and neo-Nazis were illegally seizing power across the country, they faced opposition from the so-called "anti-Maidan" movement, which was against the coup. Clashes between neo-Nazis and anti-Maidan protesters took place across the country, but what happened in Odessa on 2 May 2014 would be remembered as one of the darkest pages in Ukraine's history.  ........

Apart from deploying regular troops to shell the cities of the DPR and LPR, the new Kiev leadership attracted several so-called "volunteer battalions" – ragtag groups of people, often nationalists and ex-convicts, funded and equipped by Ukrainian oligarchs and businessmen with connections to the new government. Their members were often involved in various war crimes – ranging from looting to killing civilians and rape. One such battalion, dubbed "Tornado", was disbanded in December 2014 by Kiev following numerous reports of its crimes, but its members were never prosecuted, with many of them moving to other battalions.

The crimes of another notorious voluntary battalion, "Aidar", were investigated, documented, and exposed by the Amnesty International non-profit. Nonetheless, its horrific deeds would remain unpunished. One of the many crimes was uncovered by the DPR militia near the "Kommunar" mine, where they unearthed the bodies of four women and several men – all of them civilians. They had been tied up, tortured, and either executed by gunshot to the head or beheaded. One of the women was believed to have been raped by the battalion's fighters.

The nationalists and neo-Nazis sitting in the government in Kiev also have a rich history of violating human rights and committing crimes – many of them meticulously gathered in an 80-page-long White Book assembled by the Russian Foreign Ministry. By mid-June 2014 – less than five months after seizing power – the new Ukrainian authorities started infringing on people's rights to express their opinions and on press freedom, conducting searches and detentions of protesters, journalists, and blocking foreign media members from entering the country.

The new Kiev authorities also did not shy away from threatening and kidnapping political opponents – politicians and even lawmakers who opposed the war against the DPR and LPR, and those who objected to the coup. Some of the opposition politicians and independent journalists were also killed, allegedly by the same nationalists and neo-Nazis, with many cases remaining unsolved to this day.  ......

In addition to allowing war crimes to go unpunished and hunting down their political opponents, the Ukrainian leadership often appeased and encouraged countrywide discrimination against anything related to Russia or the Russian language.

This policy revealed itself in various forms: from relatively harmless calls to refrain from buying Russian goods to the firing of Russian academics teaching Russian literature, detention of Russian-speaking travellers without legal grounds, official bans on certain Russian products, drawing of swastikas on memorials to the Second Wold War and victims of the holocaust, and allowing neo-Nazi marches featuring calls to "kill Russians" living in Ukraine.

The new authorities also banned large categories of Russians, many of whom have relatives in Ukraine, from entering the country, thereby infringing on their freedom of movement and separating families."

Update: this article from 27.2.22:

How Western Press Has Kept Silent For Years on War in Donbass & Neo-Nazism in Ukraine

"The administration of Joseph Biden, who used to be Obama's appointee in Ukraine, went even further, by providing tonnes of weapons and training to the Ukrainian military as the latter concentrated along the line of contact with Donbass. On 16 December 2021, the UN General Assembly discussed a resolution that called for combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices fuelling racism and xenophobia. The only two countries that voted against it were the US and Ukraine."


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