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Monarch Mind Controlled Brice Taylor misused by Henry Kissinger

2011-05-07 21:40

Brice Taylor is a typical US Mind Control Victim. She was programmed as a sex slave. In this film she dares to name names:

In the other film she reveals even severe child abuse.


Patricio Ayala mind controlled i Norrköping

2011-05-07 20:55

På Norrköpings Vrinnevisjukhus verkar det praktiseras Mind Control. Vittnesmålet från Patricio Ayala ger alarmerande misstankar. Se även hans blogg.


Läs Patricios brev till Regeringen 2009 här.

Mind Controlled TI Magnus Olsson

2011-05-06 20:36

Magnus Olsson is a targeted individual of modern Swedish Mind Control technologies.

Listen to his eye opening testimony:


Visit Magnus Olssons very informative website:

Mind Control Victim Mikael Stockholm

2011-04-26 18:59

Mind Control Victim Mikael from Stockholm suffers from modern technology. Listen to his staggering testimony.

Mind Control Terror and Victims

2011-04-24 07:17

White TV starts a collection of testimonies from Mind Control Victims, starting with Swedish victims. Mind Control means remote control of the human brain by reading and changing thoughts, behaviour, feelings, everything that makes us human. This is the most horrible and clandestine weapon ever invented. The Illuminatis goal is to mind control every human by a tiny chip or weave pattern in order to get the New World Order in charge: the total slavery of mankind. We have to resist against it.

The first step is to realize what's really going on behind the curtain, to understand how huge and dangerous this conspiracy is.

Listen to the most famous Swedish Mind Control Victim Robert Naeslund


Links to Mind Control:

1. Society for Brain Integrity in Sweden

2. Bionic Gate