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Money created out of nothing

2011-03-21 13:54

This is an informative film how a tiny crew of international banksters rule the world by making money out of nothing.

It is important to know that not only the Central Bank FED is able to create money out of thin air but even every other private bank (as in every country). The diffrence is only that the FED can do it unlimited while the usual banks are limited by the fractional reserve demand beeing between 3 and 5 % usually (Basel II and 3 ). But the big american investmentbanks are liberated from thoses restrictions as the FED.

This film refers to Carroll Quigley, the most important teacher of former President Bill Clinton. His thick book "Tragedy and Hope" is a very valuable and early source of hidden truth.



Estonia-fallet ur finsk synvinkel

2011-01-27 18:17

Interview med Henning Witte av Marianne Andersson i Yle radio 22.07.2002



Zeitgeist: 911 staged by US-banksters

2011-01-26 10:11

Zeitgeist is a documentary about the global conspiracy having a very good part on 911 in the second part after the religion scam (from min 39). It relates 911 to other US-staged reasons to make war as the Lusitanaia in WW 1, Pearl Harbour in WWII and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident for Vietnam. Later it gives good proof of the economic history of the USA and that the banksters are the secret powers behind the curtain.


Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph from on Vimeo.


BND känner till Estonia-attentatet

2011-01-23 19:07

Udu Ulfkotte är känd tysk journalist med täta kontakter till BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst = tyska SÄPO). Han nämner brisanta detaljer om Estoniagate i samband med ett föredrag om industrispionage. I lastbilar som körde för LM Ericsson smugglades rysk militärmaterial trots upprepade varningar från rysk sida. Därför sänkte ryska bomber M/S Estonia. Inslaget börjar vid 6:39 min:



Nice song

2010-11-02 23:14

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