Three levels of participation

Wednesday, 07 July 2010 11:42

There are two levels of membership; the usual one by only logging into the system to be able to participate in the discussions.  Here only the e-mail address is registered.

The other membership, the gift membership, requires a registration with the payment system Towah. Towahs tough rules against money laundering are a sorrows scrutiny of the identity of the members.  They have to send an authorized copy of their passports or ID plus a new bill confirming the actual address.  Besides that people have to reveal their cell phone numbers because the account is tied to the cell phone number.  That's why White TV knows the identity of its members.

All those who do not want to participate as a member have the possibility to watch the material and load it down for free. They will by no means be registered by White TV and can pick up the information totally anonymously.