About being a member of White TV

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 07:45

WhiteTV is the first Internet page where you can receive money simply by participating. White TV shares 50% of the revenue from marketing and sponsoring which is collected in a collective Towah gathering account in euro.  For participating you can earn points from one to 15 (read more further down). The maximum amount for one point is €50.

But there could also be risks in a membership in case the NSA or other agencies attack the page and copy
the members register. This could lead to nasty consequences.

There are two types of membership.  A usual one where you only register with your e-mail and an artificial or a real name.  Here only your e-mail will be registered.

The other membership, a gift membership, is for those who want to collect and get money for their points shall join for free the Norwegian payment system Towah (which you can find here). Only private citizens are allowed to join, not companies. The payment is a gift from White TV.
Towah has strict anti-money laundering procedures and a good KYC.  That's why you have to send in an authorized copy off your passport or ID and a bill not older than three months in order to verify your address. This is a good security measure.

Your account number as your cell phone number. You can move your money with an SMS. You can link a Towah MasterCard prepaid card to your account (no credit) which can be used all over the world and at any ATM.  This is convenient for all those guys who have fallen victim to the criminal banking system (Ponzi scheme), not getting any cards any longer.

The account is only in euro, payment once a quarter, later every month. At the end of every period the amount on the gathering account is divided to the collected points. If the upper limit of €50 per point makes that there is a surplus on the gathering account that is not shifted to the point owners it falls to White TV.

An auditor is controlling the gathering account and agreements and reports to the viewers; in the beginning once a year and if there isn't more than €100,000 collected each half year; with €500,000 each quarter.
All gift members are able to take a look on the account and perform their own control. All the advertising agreements will be fully visible to the gift members.  Every sponsor will be visible but not those who want to stay anonymously.

White TV has the right to cancel criminal, patriarchal or racist inputs and in worst case to exclude a member.

Those who anonymously only want to watch or load down a movie or participate in the other information are free to do that without any cost and. Nobody will be registered.

There can be moments of delay in the starting up phase of the White TV project.

Point scale

1  p = participate with written and reasonable contributions in the discussion fori with more than100 token
2  p = participate with written and reasonable contributions in the discussion fori with more than 300 token
3  p = alarm about abuse off the system, slender or racist contributions
4  p = enlisted a new gift member which is accepted by Towah
5  p = hint about important information which leads to publishing
10p = contribute with an own film which leads to publishing
15p = enlisted a new advertiser or sponsor (separate provision agreements with White TV are possible)

10 minus points for insults, slender other illegal behaviour or racist attack
5   minus points for immoral behaviour
3   minus points for iteration of earlier contributions

In case of repeated breaking of the rules the TOWAH account will be closed and the money comes back to the collecting account for new allotment and the person is kicked out of the system.