About WhiteTV

Friday, 09 July 2010 09:08

White TV is Sweden's first uncontrolled medium which is not a puppet to the establishment.  White TV reveals themes that are covered up by mainstream media.  We are starting with three piercings themes but will later on widen the range of explosive material.

White TV shall contribute to a more open discussion and lead to more democracy in society.

White TV is the first community site where you can receive money for participating in a constructive way.  In times of the financial crisis a gift from White TV could be a help in the daily struggle because we share 50% of all revenue from marketing and sponsoring with our active members.
Different levels of participating you can get 1 -15 points, which you can read more about here.

Those who want to connect points in order to receive money, the so-called gift members, have to register for no cost whith the Norwegian payment system Towah.

In the beginning of the system there is risk for delay.