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Vaccintvång för alla i Österrike från februari 2022! Hitler kom också från Österrike ...

Friday, 19 November 2021 12:34


Grafenoxids patent innehavare Dr. Mylo Canderian: mordverktyg mot 95% av världsbefolkningen

Tuesday, 09 November 2021 14:15

"Dr. Mylo Canderian is of the opinion that 95% of the world's population
Denna viktiga artikel från Henry Makows hemsida fick ingen fokus i Sverige.
"How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live?
The answer to the question: three to ten years!
Dr. Canderian is a Medical Contributor to the World Health Organization and is also very supportive of Klaus Schwab and the "Great Reset," ushering in one world digital currency which is a secondary goal of the WHO for 2022.
Canderian is an ardent supporter of Freemasonry's Duty and Obligation to rid the world of the "Plague of Humanity."
So, I asked Mylo, "How can the "vaccinated" know with certainty how long they have to live once they have been jabbed?"
He presented me with the information, called the "End of Cycle Formula."
He explained how easy it is to calculate.
"The Power of Simplicity," he said. "There is a maximum cycle of ten years from injection to End of Cycle," [or death], he elaborated. "And it is extremely easy to determine."
He said any hematologist can see it within seconds under a microscope, and even more readily under an electron microscope. "The percentage of blood affected [or contaminated] by or with Graphene Oxide is the reciprocity of the End of Cycle calculation," he divulged.
In other words, an "inoculatee" [as he calls anyone jabbed with the Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon] having 20% Graphene Oxide deterioration in their blood will, barring any other input criteria, live for 8 years. [10 years less 20%].
Someone with 70% Graphene Oxide deterioration will not live more than 3 years. [10 years less 70%].
Dr. Jane Ruby recently was interviewed by Stew Peters on his podcast and showed examples of what the deteriorated blood looks like when exposed to Graphene Oxide.
Graphene Oxide, for those who are unaware, is the component of Messenger RNA spike proteins and prions, which is at war with the heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen.
Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge which deprives the body of necessary oxygen and causes many complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer."
Dr. Mylo Canderian's viewpoint is much the same as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the Big Pharma CEO's: LET THEM ALL DIE!"

Ny studie bevisar grafenoxid i Covid-vacciner med Micro-RAMAN Spectoscropy av Prof. Pablo Campra Madrid

Monday, 08 November 2021 15:36


Samme Prof. Pablo Campra som i juli 2021 deltog i Delgados studie under La Quinta Columna har nu bevisat med en annan teknologi att det giftiga grafenoxid finns i Covid-vacciner:

We present here our research on the presence of graphene in covid vaccines. We have carried out a random screening of graphene-like nanoparticles visible at the optical microscopy in seven random samples of vials from four different trademarks, coupling images with their spectral signatures of RAMAN vibration. By this technique, called micro-RAMAN, we have been able to determine the presence of graphene in some of these samples, after screening more than 110 objects selected for their graphene-like appearance under optical microscopy. Out of them, a group of 28 objects have been selected, due to the compatibility of both images and spectra with the presence of graphene derivatives, based on the correspondence of these signals with those obtained from standards and scientific literature. The identification of graphene oxide structures can be regarded as conclusive in 8 of them, due to the high spectral correlation with the standard. In the remaining 20 objects, images coupled with Raman signals show a very high level of compatibility with undetermined graphene structures, however different than the standard used here. This research remains open and is made available to scientific community for discussion. We make a call for independent researchers, with no conflict of interest or coaction from any institution to make wider counter-analysis of these products to achieve a more detailed knowledge of the composition and potential health risk of these experimental drugs, reminding that graphene materials have a potential toxicity on human beings and its presence has not been declared in any emergency use authorization.

DETECTION OF GRAPHENE IN COVID19 VACCINES BY MICRO-RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY * TECHNICAL REPORT Almeria, Spain, November 2, 2021 Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid ASSOCIATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR PhD in Chemical Sciences Degree in Biological Sciences

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Bakom Dumpen med Sara Nilsson ligger framgångsrika pedofiljägare, fulmedia tiger

Saturday, 06 November 2021 16:11

Gammelmedia har alltid skyddat pedofiler sedan urminnes tid. De kontrolleras av världens mäktigaste pedofilnätverk med direkt ägarcensur och/eller mind control. När #Pizzagate exploderade i Killary Clintons ansikte i slutet av valrörelsen 2016 lanserade fulmedia begreppet fakenews för att avleda uppmärksamheten från pedofilnätverket omkring Vita Huset. Obama var dock aldrig misstänkt.

I Sverige har Anna-fallet först förtigits och sedan SVT ställde sig på den misstänkt pedofile faderns sida apade alla andra lögnjournalister, typ Jan Guillou, efter istället för att göra egen research och lyssna på de sex läkare som kom med för fadern mycket belastande vittnesmål.

Men Nordfront har haft ganska bra pedofilbevakning. De spred NOA:s budskap som kom fram i SVT Veckans brott den 17 november 2020, att samtliga polisdistrikt nonchalerade polisanmälningar mot pedofiler. Också ett problem i Anna-fallet.

Eldsjälen Sara Nilsson från Dumpen

Sedan ett tag tillbaka finns hemsidan Dumpen som drivs av framgångsrika pedofiljägare. Även dem hittade jag på modiga Nordfront. Alla andra, även alternativa media, tiger.

Dumpen vågar att visa misstänkta pedofilers ansikten, vilket har lett till att många av dem förlorade jobbet och blev eftertänksamma. Dumpen tog också upp Anna-fallet på ett seriöst sätt.

Många pedofiler ger inget skummt eller kriminellt intryck vilket bekräftar misstanken att de själva fallit offer för demoner eller extrem mind control.

Stort Tack till Dumpen crewn för deras enorma mod och effektivitet! Det behövs flera sådan i Sverige.

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Dr. Robert Young bevisat att grafenoxid finns i alla västliga Covid-vacciner

Tuesday, 07 September 2021 23:31


Här är biokemikern Dr. Robert Youngs nya studie som bevisar att även AstraZenecas Covid-vacciner innehåller det giftiga grafenoxid:

Forskningsrapporten uppdaterades för tre timmar sedan.

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