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Mises Institute

2010-10-15 11:29

The Austrian School of Economics has a strong base in the USA. They founded the Mises Institute, named after Ludwig von Mises, one of the famous founders of the Austrians.

The Austrian School gives a much better description of the current economic crisis as the mainstream economists explain. But don't forget who is financing the Mises Institute: the Rockefeller Foundation!

Look to some fresh speeches held October 2010 at the Mises Institute:



Kick the Fed

2010-10-14 22:06

President candidate (2008) Ron Paul want's to abolish the American Central Bank, the Federal Reserve System, which is privately owned. (the name is smoke screen). It gives the Dollar to the American People and they have to pay huge amounts of interest every year for that: only for the simple fact that they may use the Dollar.

If the American People would get back their constitutional right to issue their own money (which John F. Kennedy tried with a Silver Dollar, Executive Order 11110; one of the main reasons he got killed) they would have about 50% less tax burdeon, because they don't have to pay intrest any longer for their own money to private banksters (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan etc).


Ron Paul is Austrian

2010-10-14 20:53

Ron Paul, kongress man from Texas, was competing with Obama to become American President in 2008. Yet, nobody heard about him. Why? he belongs to the Austrian School of Economics which is a grat threat to the existing economic system based on John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman.

The Austrians want to get rid of the Fed, which is privatly owned. They want to go back to the gold standard and end the Fiat Money System. Listen to Ron Paul and his brave ideas.



Money comes into society mainly by loans

2010-10-13 22:39

It is a well kept secret that ca. 95% of all money comming into a country has the quality of a loan, a debt. That means there is only enough money to pay back the loan. But to every loan sticks an interest. For that there is no money created, right from the start of the modern money system. Again: if all money in a society only is a loan than that money is only sufficient to pay back the loan. There is no money left to pay the interest. Therefore people have to take a new loan in order to be able to pay the interest for the old loan. This is a Ponzi Scheme (pyramid game) because the system always needs new victims to avoid a collapse. It's the lack of interest money that leads to the economic crisis (together with the Fiat Money created out of thin air). That is the reason why all the Central Banks now (2010) have lowered the intrest rates. The higher the rate the quicker the collapse.

The ca. 5% coins and paper bills are negligible.

In the beginning the Ponzi Scheme is difficult to detect because most of the people/states are not obliged to pay back 100% of their loans. Only therefore it is money left to pay the interest. The problem is that this is money which should be taken to repay the loans.

But in the long run the system can't survive. The interest is raising in an exponential way. To avoid that new loans are created but there is no chance to pay the interest for that new money also: the economic crisis is a fact.

Because the Ponzi i pushed into the whole world it takes time to collapse and be visible: about 80 - 90 years; that was when we had the last world economic crisis: 1929 and the following years.

Watch this little film to get a better understanding how the Banksters fool, expropriate and enslave you:



John Perkins: American Economic Hitman

2010-10-13 21:23

John Perkins was American NSA-agent to destroy the economy of countries who does not subordinate to the dictatorship of the USA. His message to presidents: Take bribes or we kill you. He also opened the doors for the IMF and World Bank to enslave countries economicly on USA's way to World Dictatorship: the New World Order = a Global Fascist State


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