Mossad Murdered Palestinian Journalist Bechir Rabani? Robert Aschberg suspect

Saturday, 16 December 2017 20:12

source; Bechir Rabani R.I.P! Thank you so much for your courage and what you did for Sweden!

Sweden had a famous alternative journalist with Palestinian roots: Bechir Rabani (33). His family fled from Zionist terrorists in Palestine 1948, lived in camps in Syria and later in the 1980s migrated to Sweden. Yesterday, 15th December 2017, he was found dead between 2 and 3 am, probably heart attack. According to trustworthy sources Rabani was healthy and did not suffer from any illnesses. For the 15th, the same day, he had promised to publish a scoop against Swedish main stream journalist Robert Arschberg and Facebook, who had blocked him recently.

"Rabani’s latest project was an investigation into Robert Aschberg, a Jewish journalist living in Sweden, and board member of the Expo Foundation. EXPO is an antiracist foundadion with one of its many destructive goals being the registering of all right-wing people.  Aschberg is also friends with Jacques Wallner – a man who in 1982 murdered a 21 year old Swedish man in cold blood, “because he was racist”. Jacques Wallner went on to work for Dagens Nyheter.

Aschbergs grandfather “the red banker” Olof Aschberg helped his good friend and mass murderer Joseph Stalin to launder the money that the Bolsheviks had stolen from Russia before the Russian Revolution. It is mostly this inheritance that has allowed Robert Aschberg to rise to his current status. Aschberg is also a fan of Mao Zedong and his ruling methods. One of Mao Zedongs principles was to get rid of people before they could become influential. The same methods are used by Mossad against Palestinian opinion leaders. According to a former Mossad agent Claire Hoy Victor Ostrovsky the enemy must be destroyed before they become too influential." informs the Estonian journalist Sander Laanemaa.

"After Aschberg refused to be interviewed (at 31.30 in the video), Rabani’s Facebook account was deleted (including all chat messages, which in normal cases would remain visible). “Rabani contacted me two weeks before his death. He received a warning from a contact from the Swedish Security Service warning him to be cautious, and that he is being investigated. He thought that it was all about digging up some dirt from his history.

The Swedish Security Service is under severe Mossad control.

Laanemaas article I, Dr. Henning Witte, found on Google this morning the 16th December 2017, but in the evening it seems to be gone in the Google search result. Yesterday a negative publication against Bechir Rabanai from Torbjörn Jerlerup was found very quickly in the Google search result, but during the day it was placed later on in the Google search for Bechir Rabani. I met Torbjörn Jerlerup once and he is extremely intelligent and well educated, but highly suspicious to be a katsa, one of the few very skilled Mossad agents. Why do they temper with his article?

source; Olof Aschberg, grandfather of the mighty and wealthy Swedish journalist Robert Aschberg

Olof Aschberg looks very reptilian on this Wikipedia picture. Therefore it is not fare fetched to imagine that Robert Aschberg probably has a high level of reptile genes also. I know Aschberg personally from my research into the M/S Estonia ferryboat massmurder, which Aschberg covered up completely, helping the killers going free still today. He is extremely short with a typical short man syndrome and very cold in his aura.

We know from the Jewish reptilian expert Simon Parkes, that Mossad is under direct controll from the white Dracoreptilians.

A  lot of Swedes suspect Robert Aschberg being behind the murder of Bechir Rabani, especially because his wife Lotta had threatened Bechir Rabani personally (4th film below). But I doubt that. For me the main suspect is Mossad and it is not likely that Robert Aschberg is in charge of the kidon-teams, the infamous Mossad killer teams. I believe, if there was a killer decision, it was higher up in the reptilian hierarchy.

Assassinations like heart attacks are done with very secret technology, using scalar waves. Only a very tiny group is allowed to know and use that. It is not likely that Robert Aschberg belongs to such a group.

The Zionist brothers Kent and Ted Ekeroth (SD) attacked Bechir Rabani only hours after his tragic death, no respect at all.

All main stream media in Sweden and Nyheter Idag are until now totally quiet on the unexpected death of Bechir Rabani and his fight against Robert Aschberg. But to out Rabani as an anti-semite they earlier published very quickly. Bechir Rabani was a real Semite, most of the Jews who accuse him, are not. They are khazars.

The Swedish main stream media are under total Mossad mind control.

That Bechir Rabani was murdered is no doubt. Fare too much coincidences ....


2000-Talets Vetenskap nr 4/17 bjuder på gratis artikel med Bechir Rabani:

Det fria ordet är hotat


Minnesstund För Bechir Rabani…..                             Memorial Stockholm

Stockholm centralstation söndag 17/12 kl 16.00        Central Station 17th Dec 4pm

Ta med ett ljus och en ros!                                            Bring candle and a red rose!


Söndag klockan 16: Minnesstunder för Bechir Rabani i Stockholm, Göteborg och Helsingborg


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Återlämna vad bankiren Olof Aschberg stal från Ryssland!



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