Criminal German Police arrested Traugott Ickeroth and blocked his most important alternative media platform Der Sturm ist da!

Tuesday, 07 November 2023 14:02

From Traugotts Telegram Channel


At about 05:50 this morning 7 November 2023 Criminal German Police stormed the house in Saarbrücken (picture above) of a very close friend of mine, Traugott Ickeroth, the leading Reptilian researcher of Germany and editor of one of Germanys leading alternative media Der Sturm ist da!

His girlfriend Martina Katharina reported today that about 20 heavily armed policemen stormed their house and searched everything. Than they took all electronic equipment and arrested Traugott with handcuffs like a terrorist. In reality the Police are the terrorists because I, Dr. Henning Witte, one of his lawyers, know that Traugott is not at all criminal but on the opposite doing valuable police work that the Gestapo-leaders of the German police are forbidden to cope with!

The Police destroyed the entrance door of Traugotts house without warning or waiting for opening it by Traugott! So much criminal energy was inside them. Most likely they were under drugs or severe mind control!

The German Gestapo-Police also electronicly blocked the access to Traugotts blogg Der Sturm ist da!

There people can find a lot of honest information that the Reptilian establishment does not like to be published! I click every second day on it because important and suppressed news are published there.

Please pray for Traugott that he soon will be released, gets his equipment back and the door repaired from the German state.

On 7 December 2022 Traugott was also terrorized be German Police at his home, but they finally did not arrest him but stole his electronics and it took month before he got it back and the Police did not found anything illegal there. But now in October 2023 Traugott dared to critizise Israel for its Genocide against innocent Palestinians and for having built up Hamas as Mossads controlled opposition.


Se also on WhiteTV:

Tyskland liknar allt mer Hitler-diktaturen! Reptilavslöjaren Traugott Ickeroth förmodligen häktat, hus stormat, dator stulen;



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