Israeliska IDF fortsätter skjuta småbarn

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 11:05

Hur måste en krypskytte vara funtad när den prickskjuter på ett elvaårigt barn? Vad är det för brottslingar i den israeliska armén? De är huvudansvariga för att antisemitism sprids och Israel blivit världens mest föraktade land. Och glöm inte att de flesta i det israeliska försvaret är inga semiter utan khazarer. Palestinierna däremot är äkta semiter.

'Two children, aged 11 and 13, from a refugee camp near Ramallah, were hiding from army forces during a stone-throwing incident. When they stood up they were wounded – shot from a distance by an IDF sniper

Anyone who sees Amir Zubeideh would find it hard to believe that there are soldiers who are capable of aiming their rifles at such a small child – he looks younger than his 11 years – and shooting him with live ammunition. Anyone who hears his chirpy voice and sees his sweet face, won’t believe it. It’s also hard to understand how Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot his friend, Rami Abu Nasara, who’s a little older, already 13, bar-mitzvah age. The two children were targeted from a distance, first Rami and then Amir, by a sniper who took aim and fired, while they hid, frightened, behind a concrete wall and then tried to run for their lives."

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