UN-Guterres coward with blood on his hands, doesn't dare criticize US, UK and F attack on Syria

Monday, 23 April 2018 01:02


The unique meeting of the UN's Security Council in Sweden at the place of former UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, Backåkra , was an improvement of the frozen ambiance in the Security Council. The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres participated and gave 22nd April 2018 a longer interview to the Swedish State Television SVT in the Agenda program.

He was asked by the presstitute: ”The attack in Douma led to a military attack in Syria last week by the US, the UK and France. Do you think this attack was justified? Answer from Guterres: Well as I have said in the Security Council we need to obey by the Charter and the Charter is very clear on that. But I think that now what is important is not to look back, it's to look forward.”

But in an other part of the interview he want's to look back an would prefer if a guilty is found for the alleged chemical attack in Douma. There he does not say that it is important not to look back but forward. The presstitute does not focus on that contradiction of course.

That shows clearly that Guterres is biased in favor of the USA, Great Britain and France. Because of the silence in Western mass-media only well educated people know that the US, UK and F attack on Syria the 13th/14th April 2018 was a brutal violation of the UN Charter, the most important one, that one that shall guarantee peace. The whole reason of the UN is to prevent wars and here we have three leading countries severely and clearly violating this most important rule of the UN. As they did in the Irak war 2003. This violation of International Law is worse than the alleged chemical attack, because it can trigger WW3.

Even if the alleged chemical attack on Douma would not be fake news (which it obviously is) that would not legitimate an attack on a souverain nation, because the US, UK and F had not been attacked by Syria. The UN has special rules for those cases within the OPCW, a special UN organ handling chemical weapons questions.

The German parliament Bundestag published recently an official legal opinion that the attack on Syria was not justified at all:

"The deployment of military force against a state to punish it for breaking an international convention is a violation of the international law prohibiting violence," reads the report, as cited by the German Press agency DPA and translated by Sputnik.

The legal report further concluded that the US-led attack on Syria - which skirted the UN - but which was supported by the German government (though without German military participation) was based in chemical attack claims that the legal team deemed "not convincing".

If Guterres would have condemned the earlier illegal American and other foreign attacks against Syria and the illegal US / GB boots on Syrian ground, this latest attack would not have taken place, because the whole world would have labeled the US, UK and France what they really are: terrorist states!

Guterres is a coward and should resign immediately, as should Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. She does not dare either to accuse the US, UK and F for the blatant violation of International Law.

They don't mention either, that the OPCW in November 2017 certified that Russia has no chemical weapons any longer. In 2015 the OPCW did the same with Syria.

But the largest stock piles of chemical weapons are in the US and UK. They do nothing to abolish them; on the contrary: they supply the Islamic terrorists constantly with chemical weapons, which they have used earlier in Syria and the UN and MSM had been always silent.

Courageous Dag Hammarskjöld would have been ashamed over the behavior of Antonia Guterres and Margot Wallström!

Here the link to the interview, which is in English:




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