Jo Conrad: PEGIDA Controlled Opposition, Update 7.3. Hitler picture falsified

Thursday, 05 March 2015 00:24

Jo Conrad, founder of German Bewusst.TV, explains for Dr. Henning Witte, founder of Swedish White TV, what PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) is. German media gave no focus on the Monday demonstrations, because they were real opposition with topics about the criminal banking system and mainstream media lying every day. Therefore it was necessary to create PEGIDA as controlled opposition, in order to divert from the biggest problems in modern to society to artificially created problems with Islam.

source:    Germans Rise Up Against Islamization

PEGIDA started even in Sweden recently in Malmö and Linköping, but almost nobody came. Counterdemonstrations from criminal left-wing groups at the same time mobilized much more. Both are results of mind control. Sweden is one of the most mind controlled societies in the world.

Update 7.3.15: PEGIDA was criticised to have a Nazi-leader, Lutz Bachmann. His picture posing as Hitler went round the world. Now Sächsische Zeitung in Germany collected evidence, that the picture was fabricated with picture software. The typical Hitler moustache was planted into the photography later to make Bachmann look like Hitler.



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