Catherine Austin Fitts censored Dr. Henning Witte on the Planets Criminal Bankingsystem e a

2022-07-30 15:24

Mads Palsvig made this interview with me, specialized in Banking Law, May 2021 in down town Stockholm for Solari, a Media Channel from Catherine Austin Fitts. But she refused and even forbidd Mads and myself to publish it. That and a lot of other things shows clearly that she is controlled opposition. I got the impression that she is well payed for that. Mads should be more careful with whom he cooperates!

Comment from Catherine Austin Fitts 6.8.22:

"Dr. Witte:

A subscriber sent me the note below this week. I did not know what they referring to, so I called Mads. Apparently, he did interview you and decided not to submit the interview - so I never saw it and he never recommended it for publication.

We were hoping that Mads would do a series for us, however, his political efforts required all his time, so he never published any interviews.

So I never watched or refused your interview, nor did I forbid you to publish it. The reality is that as far as I know, I never heard about it.

Given the gap between what actually happened and the extent to which you have jumped to conclusions, sounds like it all turned out for the best.


Best Regards,