Big Thank You to all White TV Donors on Thanksgiving

2017-11-23 19:17

Today on Thanksgiving day I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all donors who helped White TV to exist during the last years! Money came from a lot of countries, but never from the US in spite of the fact, that about 9% of White TV:s viewers are from the US.

Today very few donate, perhaps some got trouble or threats. Some make promises but than nothing follows.

I think there are also strong mind control signals not to watch or support WTV. Even my very close friends don´t click on White TV, but often like the topics when I discuss them personally.

On Google the censorship against White TV is huge. Today I even had to learn that my German Publisher, Hesper Verlag in Saarbrücken with Sabine Glocker, got their homepage hacked and my book was taken out. No wonder that they don´t sell a book. It is dangerous for the dark forces, because it gives an easy instruction how to take the power from the private banks giving it back to the people.

In Sweden nobody dares to publish me.

White TV got a lot of technical problems, but the donations had been to small to solve them with skilled Joomla advisors. The page is still on the technical level from 2010 when it all started thanks to Jo Conrad from

Even thanks to all giving suggestions what to publish!