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Even adults remember former lifes

2010-10-17 22:34

Most of the adults have no direct access to the info of their past lifes. But with the help of hypnosis (regression) they  can get access. Watch this suppressed documentary and draw your own conclusions:

(White TV did only embed the first and the last of 11 parts, the rest you'll fnd on You Tube')


Knowledge of past life can heal

2010-10-16 23:33

It often happens that people get rid of a desease when they get knowledge of a former life. Mostly the desease in this life is tied to a violent death of a former life, often the life which passed directly before the last birth.



American Fighter Pilot reborn

2010-10-16 22:56

This film gives a typical proof that reincarnation is a fact and not only a religous question. The professer (in part 2) denying the clear facts is either to stupid or part of the conspiracy; both reasons that he should loose all his academic titles immediately and the right to teach for the rest of his life .

There are billions of proofs like that; if we only would take our children more serious. The reason for the big conspiracy againt reincarnation is that it could give us the idea that life is not necessarily attached to a body and that this kind of life, demons for example, has a huge power on planet Earth.



Catholic Church covers up reincarnation

2010-07-25 14:29

Here is an interesiting page making research how the Roman Catholic Church covered up the fact of Reincarnation: