BitCoin guru Mr. Rho recommends new cryptocurrency -Titus Coin

2017-11-14 14:56


"There are more than 2 million listeners worldwide who follows the man recognised as an expert in the cryptocurrency world, the legendary Mr.Rho via his radio shows on . It is on this show that Mr. Rho has repeatedly explained why is so enthusiastic about the Titus Coin and why he believes that it is the next big thing in the crypto world.

While the rest of the world have been amazed by the development in BitCoin and its meteoric rise in value and general acceptance, this was accurately predicted by Mr. Rho. He has been one of the few people in the world who has constantly accurately predicted the development and rise in value of BitCoin.

Mr Rho and his team have conducted a very solid due diligence and indepth questioning of the Titus Coin CTO, Mr. Robert Jacobsson from Sweden about all aspects of the Titus Coin technology and the overall concept, including merchant integration and customer coin usage. After such work he has concluded that Titus Coin, in his opinion, has all the features needed to become a successful cryptocurrency and the preferred coin among merchants globally.

"The success criteria for any cryptocurrency is the use of the coins among the general public" Mr. Jacobsson from Titus says. "If the general population consider the coin to be secure, simple to use and easy to convert back into fiat money, the coin will have a great future," He continues. "By having a prominent crypto currency expert like Mr. Rho so clearly endorsing the Titus Coin and its functionality is very encouraging indeed and we already see that there is a massive increasing in interest in the Titus Project.”

Mr Jacobsson continues “Titus Coin has an ICO running until November 19th 2017, where the full white paper can be downloaded at . This outlines the Titus Coin and the dynamics and functionality as well as financial fundamentals that support the coin value."

Titus Coin is a merchant oriented payment system, a modern BitCoin type cryptocurrency with a fiat backing. The dynamic marketing features for merchants makes the Titus Coin an attractive payment mechanism and already a selected group of merchants have started a beta testing program this month. It also facilitates peer to peer transfers.

Titus will also launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Q1 2018" informs mynewsdesk.

Titus Coins offer:

1. Merchants (online and offline) the ability to accept a cryptocurrency through a simple system

2. Instant Payments for merchants and also transfers between individuals

3. Fiat and asset backed currency with lower volatility and instant conversion

4. User friendly App based payments

5. Merchant dynamic marketing systems to help drive sales

6. Merchant settlement with no rolling reserve

7. No charge backs

8. Bank standard security

9. A sustainable solution backed by assets

10. Guaranteed buy back at market price after escrow period

11. Dedicated sales force promoting TTS to merchants and individuals

12. Strong technical team

Titus is just in the last phase of its ICO this week. You can buy 1 Titus for 5 EUR:

White TV:s Henning Witte is part of the Titus Coin Team.



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