White TV got huge economic problems, please help!

Sunday, 06 January 2019 00:00

White TV had been under constant economic attacks, worst from the Swedish Tax Authority. Sweden is a tax dictatorship.

Other conspiracies were also launched which damaged White TV / Henning Witte and a lot of money got lost. Here I can’t report openly on some cases because others who helped me would possibly get in trouble if I would tell more precisely what happened.

My tiny law firm always financed White TV because nobody dared to buy advertising. In recent years and month companies from US, Europe and Sweden wanted to publish adds on White TV banners, but it turned out they were gambling and casino companies. For me it is more immoral to let them advertise than the porn industry, because I have several friends whose kids got addicted to the Internet gambling, loosing their own and their parents money. Besides that it is illegal in Sweden to advertise for Internet Casinos.

Other companies I asked refused to buy advertising on White TV, because they don’t dare. The topics are too controversial for them.


On my YouTube account I choose adds in my films already some years ago. But YouTube sabotaged that and paid nothing.

The companies Binero and .se threatened me last week, that they had to close down my account.

Soon the Vimeo bill will be due to pay and the electricity, the Internet connection, and, and, and ……

YouTube, Vimeo and Alexa put down our viewer numbers.

So I hope that those who like White TV and all the hundreds of mind control targeted individuals who received help and comfort from med during the years will chip in a little amount to support my work, which I always have done for free.

For Swedish viewers they could use Swish: 070 727 85 25

For Swedish Crowns SEK: Handelsbanken clearing no: 6123

Account no: 285 724 258

For Euro senders:

Rechtsanwalt Henning Witte IBAN: SE33 6000 0000 0000 4417 2389


Handelsbanken Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg


For Dollar senders:

Rechtsanwalt Henning Witte IBAN: SE22 6000 0000 0000 5075 9469


Handelsbanken Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg



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