Tyst i fulmedia när Deutsche Bank nedvärderas till BBB+ av S&P, dessutom under attack i Australien

Monday, 04 June 2018 23:33


Simon Parkes hänvisade även till att Deutsche Bank är på fallrepet. S&P nedgraderade Deutsche Bank till BBB+, en nivå över skräpstatus:

"Adding insult to ruinous injury, just hours after Deutsche Bank stock crashed to all time lows after it was revealed that it had been put on the Fed's "secret" probation list one year ago, overnight S&P downgraded Deutsche Bank's credit rating by one notch to BBB+ from A-, just three away from junk, citing "significant execution risks in the delivery of the updated strategy amid a continued unhelpful market backdrop" adding that "relative to peers, Deutsche Bank will remain a negative outlier for some time."

S&P had initiated the credit review on April 12, shortly after the Christian Sewing was appointed new CEO, replacing John Cryan, saying repeated leadership changes pose questions over its long-term direction, against a background of chronically low profitability." rapporterar Zero Hedge.

Och gammelmedia Deutsche Welle tvingas meddela att Deutsche hamnat i den kriminella skottlinjen i Australien i samband med ANZ skandalen:

"Australian banking was in shock on Friday after its third biggest lender was hit with criminal charges over share issues. Deutsche Bank and Citigroup are also in the firing line over the allegations of wrongdoing.

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is to face criminal cartel charges in Australia over a $1.9 billion (€1.62 billion) share issue made in 2015.

Deutsche Bank and Citigroup, two of ANZ's three underwriters for the stock issue, announced in separate statements they expected to be also charged. Federal prosecutors in Australia confirmed later on Friday that Deutsche Bank and Citigroup would indeed face charges.

All three banks deny any wrongdoing. JP Morgan was the third underwriter in the issue but has not been accused of anything untoward."

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