Simon Parkes om stundande finanskris och risk för WW3

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 20:27


Simon Parkes tillhör spjutspetsen av leverantörer när det gäller undangömd information, det som censureras av gammelmedia. Han varnade sedan länge att en ny finanskris kan braka loss vilken dag som helst och den kommer att bli mycket värre än 2008, då bubblorna blivit betydligt större än då.

Den 10 oktober 2016 kom Simon med två nya kommentarer:

1. Elements in the cia have told the British security service that Trump is ahead in the polls but that the media is being ordered to tell the public that it's neck and neck

2. Donald Trump publicly accuses ex president Clinton of sexualy abusing children during one to one debate. And that if he became president he would have ex president Clinton arrested.

This is one of the key reasons that the establishment wish to cancel the US election in November.

och den 9 oktober 2016:

3. Far from being out of the woods Deutsche Bank has had to sell 5 year bonds and in doing so has raised 3 billion €.

But Deutsche Bank requires 40 billion € to stabilise.
Added to this the Italian government is trying to fine Deutsche Bank 2.5 billion € for improper trading.

It's still very much up in the air as there is still no deal with Japanese investors who might save

och den 3 oktober 2016:

4. Between 4th and 7th October Russia is undertaking a simulated nuclear attack by the usa.  40 million people are to be moved into 5,000 underground shelters.  200,000 specialists will be formed in rescue teams and 40,000 earth moving machines will be deployed in what will be the biggest maneuver since the second world war.

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Varning för WW3 (2016-10-10) from TLarsson64SE on Vimeo.


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