David Icke on Reptiles and Archons, AI the biggest danger

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 13:11

On his World Tour to awake mankind David Icke came again to Sweden, his fourth time. He chose Gothenburg, where most of the awoken Swedes live. The audience was little less than expected and only one journalist made an interview with David, Dr. Henning Witte from White TV.
This indicates that modern mind control technology blocked the Swedish population effectively from rising their level of consciousness; after all Sweden is the third most important country in the world to develop sophisticated mind control technology, after the US and Russia.
David Icke is a modern kind of Jesus meeting people and telling them whats going on in the world. He was first to ring the bell that extremely advanced reptiles from the lower fourth dimension are running the world. They are also under mind control from the Archons, a kind of super artificial intelligence (AI). They are a kind of computer virus infecting the whole universe.
If we don't stop AI, the Archons, we shall end up as cyborgs, part human, part machine. We all shall become psychopath' without human feelings or emotion, a horrible scenario for the perfect slaves.
Let us follow David Icke and inform everybody about the enormous risks of the transhumanism agenda, if AI should succeed with their inhuman plans. Stop Ray Kurzweil, Regina Dugan, Facebook, Google, DARPA, and all the other technological dragons, looming in the background as evil tools for transhumanism.

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