Latvia joins Euro because Government is under Mind Control

2014-01-02 18:30

1 Jan 2014 Latvia has joint the Euro against the will of the people. The Latvian Lat was the worlds 4th most stable currency. The Euro is only trash. A recent poll showed that about 60% of the population is against the Euro and only 8% want the Euro. Even the most stupid must have understood that the Euro is more damaging for a country than helping. In the beginning, 1999, it was more difficult to se the outcome of the Euro experiment, but now the result is obvious. Look to Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and even France. But also the Germans are fed up with the Euro. Only a tiny mafia of elite-banksters want the Euro as a tool for a one world dictatorship, the New World Order.


källa; Latvia in the Euro trap


When the gold and silver backed dollar was introduced to all states in the US, they were a homogenised area. The economic development was quite the same in all the American states. But in Europe the differences in the economical conditions of the member states are so huge and the fiscal politics are significantly different, that it was obvious that the Euro was doomed to fail.


The level of interest directed by the ECB was always adapted to the needs of the two biggest countries, Germany and France. All the rest had to suffer.


The biggest problem with the Euro is, that a country now can get bankrupt. This was not possible before, because the central banks had been lenders of last resort in a crisis. They could “print” as much money that was needed, even if the inflation would rise. But now it is only the ECB who is allowed to print Euros. The Latvian Central bank has now very limited possibilities to print Euros under very harsh conditions, ELA.


Of course, the private banks issue Euros as well when they grant a credit, but in a crisis like 2008 even they touch their boundaries to make money.


In former times each country could devalue it's currency and by that accommodate to the rest of the world. But in the Euro this saving possibility is lost.


Latvia has now lost the most powerful political tool they had: the power over their money.

They knew that and they knew how awful the Euro has destroyed the small neighbour Estonia, who joined the Euro as late as 2010 and how well Sweden developed without.


How is it possible that a government sells out its country to the banksters in spite of all the evidence?

Some people think the Latvian government is corrupt or crazy, some think they want to protect against Russia. But the weaker the Latvian economy is, the easier for Russia to take over in Latvia.


There is only one reasonable cause for the craziness of the Latvia Government: mind control. This is a technology developed in secrecy during the last 60 years to remote control a human brain, see the films with all the mind control evidence below.


Who is behind it? Difficult to say, most likely Sweden. They are leading the mind control technology together with Russia and USA. It was mostly Swedish banks who raped Latvia with cheap loans, causing a loss of the gross domestic product (GDP) with over 25% in recent years. The banks control the secret services because of their money-power (top of the financial Ponzi Scheme) and the secret services control the mind control technology.

When I wrote a  letter to the Latvian government how they easy and elegant could solve their financial crisis 2009 by stopping private banks to issue money (introduce public banking), I did not even get an answer, which already at that point indicated, that the Latvian politicians, as usual, are under severe mind control.


If one politician should read this, they should start to take homeopathic gold, aurum metallicum. That stops mind control in the brain. Under 2013 we got fantastic results with aurum metallicum liberating humans from mind control.


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