Roger Tolces expert Mass Mind Control

2011-06-01 19:57

Roger Tolces started as a bugsweeper. He got experience in measuring and electronic countermeasures against Mind Control Electronic Harassment.

His research shows evidence that only the DNA is sufficient to target one individual or a whole race, because our DNA is a radio transmitter and receiver. They don't need to implant a chip any longer. If they got your DNA they can target you and control not only all parts of your body including your sexual functions, but your whole mind. They can read your thoughts, change and suppress them, they have access to all your memory which they can erase or change by planting false memory in your brain and you even don't notice it.

They can even program you as a killing machine as they did with Mijailo Mijailovic, the killer of Anna Lindh Sweden's Secretary of State 2003.

Join White TV's campaign Reclaim The Brain to abolish the Orwellian society we already got and watch this very entertaining and informing speech from Roger Tolce from 2009 and spread it to everybody you know. The Mind Control part is in the beginning and after ca. 1 hour and 4 minutes:

After watching this ask yourself: can I be sure that I'm not mind controlled?