Did Russian Mind Control humiliate Germany in FIFA World Cup 2018?

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 17:03

The 27th June 2018 soccer result South Korea / Germany 2-0 is the most devastating and humiliating football loss Germany ever had, and that being the World Champion from 2014! South Korea was the weakest team in the German group.

This is very difficult to explain with the low level of the German Jogi Löw team. They had been weak in the games with Mexico and Sweden, but finally beaten Sweden 2-1 three days before.

The most simple explanation is that Germany fell victim for Russian mind control technology. We know from the Korean war 1950 that Russia was the leading nation in remote controlling humans. The films Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra and Denzel Washington had been the secret confirmation from the US that that the Soviet Union was leading in mind control. That's why the CIA started the secret MK-Ultra program, which was revealed in the 1975 Church-Committee.


Russia was always leading, during the cold war until now, because in Russia was the conspiracy against the Tesla waves, also called scalar waves, not so effective as in the West. Scalar waves are used in mind control, because our brain uses them. Our brain is a biological computer using magnetic scalar waves. This is unfortunately kept secret by western science and mass media.

All what Russia need is the DNA of the German soccer players or implants, which almost everybody has nowadays by vaccinations, chemtrails or other means.

Putin's Russia is leading in the world wide scalar wave war. That was confirmed by the most skilled physics professor on the scalar wave topic, Dr. Konstantin Meyl, from southern Germany. 2016 he published the book Scalar Wave War (in German).

Russia showed the world recently in the Syrian war, that they have developed scalar wave weapons which can give an invisible shelter / shield around a region or a building. To use this technology on a soccer goal is easy. No football passes through.

The MI5 whistle-blower, physics Dr. Barrie Trower, confirmed inte the breaking interview with Dr. Henning Witte from White TV September 2012, that the UK, US, Russia and China are able to use mind control technology in sports. That was the reason why the UK scored higher than Russia in the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London, watch the interview below.

Russia had been humiliated not only in London 2012 but under the last two Olympic Games with fake accusations of systematic state doping. The West including Germany had a leading roll there.

Germany was even leading in Europe with the economic sanctions against Russia without any moral reason. It was only the US wanted it that way, because the USA plans war with Russia to trigger WW3.

Today we do not have the tools to proof if Russia used mind control on the German soccer team 2018. But the extremely strange loss by the World Champion against one of the less skilled teams in the whole FIFA Cup 2018, South Korea, the last Korean goal even without the German goal keeper, is not explainable with natural reasons …....

In the Winter Olympics in South Korea Russia was humiliated. Is just South Korea the secret hint and connection? Now Russia humiliates Germany against South Korea on Russian soil, where they have the mind control supremacy?

Here the link to the Dr. Barrie Trower article on WTV:

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