M/S Estonia needs Independent Investigation

2011-10-17 19:37

It's more than 17 years that the Estonian ferry M/S Estonia killed more than 852 people. Sweden has done everything to obstruct an independent investigation. I started a litigation for 944 victims in September 1996 in Paris against the ship builder, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Classification Society Bureau Veritas. The Swedish Government obstructed that litigation together with other dark forces. Until today no hearing have been in the French court about the question who is responsible for the biggest ferry catastrophe in Europe after WWII.

In the film Drew Wilson is interviewed. He made a long interview with me but never published it. This and other facts make that I suspect him working for the CIA, being part of the huge cover up. He is telling a lot, but hiding the juicy pieces.

As usual there was a NATO naval exercise called Cooperative Venture 94 when Estonia sunk. It confused (was meant to) because the scenario was the rescue of a civil passenger ferry. The same trick was used at 9/11, 7/7 in London, and Utøya in Norway.

The Final Report from JAIC on the Estonia case was a huge lie; as was the NIST Report on 9/11.


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