Mind Controled Tila Tequila got help from Emilia Carpinisan

2012-04-16 19:14

Sweden related model and TV star Emilia Carpinisan reveals in Swedish press, Aftonbladet, that her friend Tila Teguila could be mind controlled by the US government.

Tila Tequila

"US-Government is beaming radiation to peoples brains" is the headline. Emilia blames the Illuminati.

"About two weeks ago, "reality" TeeVee celebrity and model Tila Tequila reportedly suffered a brain aneurysm after an alleged suicide attempt:

Tila Tequila is on the mend after experiencing one serious health scare.
The 30-year-old pint-size reality star suffered a near-fatal brain aneurysm that left her hospitalized last week, sources close to Tequila tell E! News.
The aneurysm was apparently discovered after paramedics responded to an "attempted suicide" call placed by Tila's roommate, who claimed the starlet had overdosed on pills. It's unclear if the drug caused the aneurysm or if it was a tragic simultaneous onslaught to her system.
A 30-year-old suddenly having a brain aneurysm?  Sounds fishy to me...

Soon after her alleged suicide attempt was reported,
she entered a rehab clinic in Florida.

Today, Charlie Guiliani, host of
Truth Hertz Radio, discussed the following information compiled by POPEYE at FEDERALJACK.com:
It was all over the MSM this week, the near-fatal brain aneurysm and drug overdose of reality TV host Tia Tequila. Regardless her wild lifestyle and likely abuse of substance, you may remember that a couple of years ago, she spilled the beans about the Illuminati and the NWO agenda in the American industry of entertainment.
I’ve found some odd details about her life, that suggests that MAYBE, I said MAYBE her brain aneurysm may be related with her whistleblowing attitude.
Tila Tequila rose to fame very quickly. She’s a very beautiful woman and there’s a reason why she rose to fame so quickly. Under the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Mind Control Program, a lot of the women are programmed to become ‘sex slaves’ to the Powers That Be, hence, the Illuminati / New World Order."
reports John Friend's Blog, 14 March 2012.
There are tons of hidden messages in the [music] videos, and symbols that prove that they worship Satan. Please don’t take this as a joke. It is not, and it is serious. The government even now has a way to send out frequencies on your TV that you cannot hear, yet it highly affects your brain, and mixed in with all the visuals from the music videos, you become hypnotized without you even realizing this. That sounds crazy, right? Well, it is true. I have been studying about this for the past 7 years now, and kept quiet about it for a long time, except when I chat with other groups of people I know that also know about ‘the others.’ If I told you the entire thing, it will really blow your mind away. But I feel it is SO IMPORTANT for people to know what’s happening to them.” the blog proceeds.
As White TV pointed out earlier, satanism and Mind Control are interlocked.
Take a look at Michael Jackson Mind Controlled and Madonna Madame Mind Control samt Katy Perry och Lady Gaga. Även Britney Spears är Mind Control offer.