Mind Control Technology already on consumer level

2011-07-11 11:56

In Japan Honda shows how a human brain is able maneuver a robot just by thinking. No cables tied. This is evidence for a human brain-computer (BCI) or Brain Machine Interface (BMI) interface working successfully.

There are a lot of Brain-Computer Interface Projects. In Germany, USA, Wadsworth Center, UK, Austria, Russia, China, (film in Chinese here) etc.


In the next film you see how a mind control head set steers a computer by thoughts. The secret technology always is at least 30 years ahead of the technology allowed to be known and used by the public. Therefore it is now easy to understand that targeted individuals can be remote controlled by a hidden hand (Mossad, MI6, CIA, FSB, SÅPO, FOA) as we showed in White TV by lots of testimonies from ordinary people suffering by the torture of Mind Control.