Did MI5 murder Jo Cox, like Mossad Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh?

2016-06-16 21:02

The murder of the British Labour MP Jo Cox has staggering similarities to the murder of the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh 10th September 2003. 14th September 2003 the EURO-referendum was scheduled. The polls showed a majority for the NO-side, who wanted that Sweden does not join the Euro. Anna Lindh, social democrat as Jo Cox, was campaigning for the YES-side, she loved the Euro idea.

Because of the brutal murder of Anna Lindh, she was stabbed to death in central Stockholm in a shopping mall, all campaign activities were cancelled until the election. Those who organized the murder had hoped that the YES-side would gain sympathy, so that Sweden would join the Euro. Anna Lindh was very popular.

But the opposite was the case. Unusually many Swedes participated in the election and an overwhelming majority voted against the Euro, which was very positive for Sweden.

The evidence is crystal clear that the alleged and convicted murderer of Anna Lindh was under mind control, watch the film below with Ole Dammegård. The Israel ambassador in Stockholm, Zvi Mazel, called Anna Lindh an anti-Semite, because she dared to criticise Israel for their bloody politics in Palestine. At that time the Mossad had already the control over the very advanced Swedish mind control technology.

Anna Lindh left two minor children and a husband.


Jo Cox left husband Brendan and two young children. She was on the loosing Remain campaign.

The Remain and Leave sides are suspending their campaigns for next week's EU referendum following the attack.

In Great Britain the MI5 is still in charge, they are ranked after the Mossad (Bank house Rothschild) the second most powerful intelligence agency in the world. They are also controlled by the dark background forces, the Royal Family, Prince Philip in particular is in charge. So it is very likely, that they committed the murder and not Mossad. The Swedish secret services are just cleaning the shoes of Mossad. They have nothing to say in Sweden.

The witness Hichem Ben-Abdallah tells Swedish Aftonbladet-TV that the killer of Jo Cox had a white baseball caps and that he did not act alone. He seemed to have some military training and acted professional. After the murder he shot into the crowd surrounding the crime scene. Hichem Ben-Abdallah could not confirm that the killer shouted ”Britain First”. Listen to the very important interview in the first film below.

This description of the killer does not fit to the official version with 52 years old Tommy Mair. His brother claims that he has problems with mental illness, which could indicate that he is under mind control. The symptoms of mind control have afterwards been defined as mental illnesses in order to cover up the mind control technology. In the case of Anna Lindh the official killer had also a mental illness, but the real killer was a professional.

Those commanding the Intelligence world don't want that Britain leaves the EU, because the EU is an important mile stone on the road to the New World Order. Everything has to be united under huge pyramid organizations, that makes it easier to control them from the top.

The only purpose for the murder of Jo Cox, which is reasonable, is to give the Remain campaign sympathies. The other side has no interest at all to get negative publicity and does not need killings, because they have the better arguments.

Most likely more voters will join on the voting day 23rd June 2016 and more on the Brexit side. The effect will be the opposite of what the conspiracy wanted, as in Sweden 2003. But the establishment will rig the elections, as in Scotland, and will proceed to fight with criminal tricks, to keep Britain within the undemocratic EU.



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