Lee Harvey Oswald var under MK-Ultra mind control, tankekontroll

Friday, 22 November 2013 21:31

Att LeeHarvey Oswald fallit offer för den lömska mind control / tankekontroll teknologin är föga känt. Vissa påstår att han redan som barn utsattes för hjärntvätt under nazisterna, då han skulle vara ett barn från nazisternas avelsprogram Lebensborn. Då USA inom ramen för Project Paperclip tog över nazisternas forskningsfrukter inklusive den vidrigaste Auschwitz-torteraren Joseph Mengele, som utgav sig för Dr. Green i USA efter 1945, är det möjligt att de även tog med de hjärntvättade barnen från Lebensborn för att fortsätta sina experiment på dem i USA.

David L Caldwell påstår på rense.com: "So, the OSS confiscates all Nazi research pertaining to MK Ultra. They funnel the Nazi scientists and their expat (instructor) colleagues as well as some special children through Operations Dustbin, Ashcan and Paperclip.

Here's the kicker. Two of the children were later to be named by the CIA: Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Prusikova Oswald. Oswald's "Mother" was one of the Nazi sympathizers from the U.S. involved in Lebensborn eugenics and the key controller from birth of LHO. O.K., the OSS passed on the entire MK Ultra program along with the captured people and children involved to CIA. CIA gave them new identities as in a witness protection program. The Oswald "family" and its biographical history was fabricated using phony birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.
"Lee Oswald", actually an elite Lebensborn baby, was part of a CIA domestic sleeper cell."

Författaren till boken A Terrible Mistake, H.P. Albarelli jr, påstår, att Lee Harvey Oswald kom 1952 12 år gammal med sina föräldrar till New York, just det år då CIA startade sina hjärntvättprogram under MK-Ultra i New York City. (se första filmen nedan). Han tvångsvårdades sedan där på The Youth House under två psykologer,  som båda arbetade hemligt för CIA. En av dem var hypnotisör.

"Oswald's supposed pro-communist behavior fit the profile of a hypnotized anti-Communist infiltrator as detailed in declassified documents from his era. Military hypnotist George Estabrooks even bragged of carrying out an operation employing a brainwashed Marine who was hypno-programmed with a pro-communist personality so he could be prematurely discharged from the service as a fake defector and then used in an anti-communist intelligence operation. Further, he claimed his hypnosis technique had been used to create assassins." skriver Jerry Leonard.

Hawk Jensen från Onalaska skrev den självutgivna boken Atsugi Assassins i vilken han upplyser att Lee Harvey Oswald var under mind control och avfyrade aldrig ett skott mot John F. Kennedy.

"Jensen said he, too, was a subject of mind control serving in Atsugi, Japan, which was the headquarters for the CIA's top-secret MKULTRA mind-control program and the U-2 spy plane project.

"Oswald was used as a mind-controlled guinea pig," Jensen said. "When he said he was a patsy, he wrote his death warrant because I believe at that moment he realized and they realized he remembered things he shouldn't have remembered." ..... "Jensen said he first met Oswald on mess duty in Atsugi and later on a secret mission in the mountains of Taiwan during the height of the Cold War."

Detta bekräftas av ett nyligen frisläppt dokument som bevisar att Lee Harvey Oswald var en CIA agent som hade uppdrag i Kina:


Den kände författaren Jim Keith skriver i Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness: "Others in the know have suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been mind controlled. Army and CIA counter intelligence agent Herman Kimsey came forward in 1975 to tell what he knew about Oswald. According to Kimsey, in an interview with journalist Hugh MacDonald, "Oswald was programmed to kill, like a medium at a seance. Then the mechanism went on the blink and Oswald became a dangerous toy without direction." Surely it was a coincidence that Kimsey died of heart failure three weeks after the interview." På den tiden var hjärnkontrollteknologin inte så pålitlig och programmeringen brukade smula sönder runt 30-års ålder. Lee blev officiellt dock enbart 24 år gammal, men det är möjligt att han var litet äldre, då man fejkade hans amerikanska ursprung. Vid sin arrestering ser han äldre ut än 24 år.

Jim Keith: "The connections become more strange. [David] Ferrie was a hypnotist, who allegedly used his skills in his quest for homosexual conquests. One of Ferrie's fellow travelers. Jack Martin, reportedly said that Ferrie had hypnotically programmed Oswald to kill Kennedy. .... Ferrie was found dead in his apartment on February 22, 1967 while in the midst of testifying about the Kennedy assassination. There were two apparent suicide notes, but the New Orleans coroner stated that the cause of death was natural, a cerebral hemorrhage."

Dick Russell skriver i sin bok On the Trail of the JFK Assassins:

"By September 1957, [Oswald had] been assigned to the Atsugi Naval Air Base just outside Tokyo. Atsugi was the point of origin for the top-secret U2 spy plane flights, whose mission was to photograph military and industrial targets at altitudes high above the Soviet Union and communist China. As a radar operator, Oswald was at least privy to the existence of the U2s.

Atsugi also contained some 20 buildings identified as the Joint Technical Advisory Group, the cover designation for one of the CIA's main operational bases in Asia. Among the CIA files on MK ULTRA released 20 years later, there was a memorandum dated December 1, 1953, headed "SUBJECT: Use of LSD….Only two (2) field stations, Manila and Atsugi, have LSD material," it said. Another sanitized file noted: "Preparing cables to field to find out who has custody and access. Atsugi and Manila. Issuance done only with two CIA employees concurrence and use only with DD/P [Deputy Director for Plans] approval."

Frank Camper was a 20-year intelligence veteran with numerous FBI and CIA contacts, who served in Vietnam with the elite Special Operations Group and later worked under deep cover penetrating terrorist organizations worldwide. I met Camper at a conference, where he related something told him by an inside source: "Oswald reported a Japanese communist approach to him to Naval Intelligence and then the CIA picked him up. He fit the profile for MK ULTRA." In 1994, Camper wrote me in a letter: "What gives away his high[ly] probable induction in MK ULTRA project experiments is the fact he was frequently in the brig or base hospital, was recalled from a unit movement to Formosa to return to the Atsugi hospital, and ended up being assigned to the hospital on a layover or casual basis."

This, Camper believed, "would have given the MK ULTRA doctors an opportunity to review Oswald's conditioning and mental state, and correct or note whatever they found wrong."

It was shortly after Oswald's last release from the Atsugi hospital, and reassignment to a Marine squadron at Iwakuni Air Base some 430 miles southwest of Tokyo, that he began referring to the Marines as "you Americans" and denouncing "American imperialism" and "exploitation."


källa, the blocking of the left eye is an indication of mind control, because the technology targets primarily the right half of the brain in order to block the scalar wave interferometer every human has

Det är påfallande att Lee Harvey Oswalds vänstra öga är inte lika öppen som det högra. Detta är typiskt för tankekontroll offer. Teknologin siktar till att blockera kommunikationen mellan den vänstra och högra hjärnhalvan så att människans mäktiga skalärvågsinterferometer inte kan arbeta ordentligt. Då den högra hjärnhalvan är den farligare för etablissemanget p.g.a. sin förmåga att se helhetsbilder och sin kreativitet, slås ofta den högra hjärnhalvan ut med hjärnkontroll-teknologin. Den högra hjärnhalvan styr vänstra ögonlocket. Därför är det vänstra ögat ofta inte lika öppet som det högra hos mind control offer (Janne Josefsson från SVT:s Uppdrag Granskning verkar också fallit offer när man tittar på hans ögon).

I Lee Harvey Oswalds fall hänger det vänstra ögonlocket så starkt ner att man även kan misstänka att de planterat ett chip där. På den tiden var chipsen inte lika små som idag. För övrigt är det rutin hos säkerhetstjänsterna att chippa upp sina egna agenter. Man vet ju aldrig vilka friheter de kan tänkas ta sig en vacker dag.

De två nedersta filmerna innehåller mörklagd bakgrundsinformation om Lee Harvey Oswald.

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