Med Beds use magnetic scalar waves, Alien DNA in Covid-vaccines, Nazi-ufo's and Die Glocke

Friday, 24 December 2021 05:14

Thank you Yrsa Häggström for finding this important interview.

Info on magnetic scalar waves you find here.

You should watch the video below soon, because the risk is very high that YT will censor it. Even Big Pharma is attacked.

With "torsion fields created by the bodys own natural life frequencies" they mean magnetic scalar waves. They are torsion fields from the aether field, the fourth dimension.

The "quantum field" is a missleading expression for the aether field. Before the big liar Einstein was promoted by the Reptilians the leading opinion in physics was that we are created and sourrounded by the aetherfield.

"Bidirectional longitudinal em-wavepair" is a standing wave with two magnetic scalar waves.

"Electrogravitational wave" could be a electric or magnetic scalar wave.

MRNA vaccine damages can not be cured by Med Beds!!!

Quote from the presentation below in the YT film min 2:37:31:

"Covid vaccine contain alien DNA and AI particulates which serve as a free will contracts allowing other malevolent ET races such as the Maître and reptilian races, to harvest human souls who died from the vaccines and convert into cyborgs off world on places like the Moons Exodus 2023 facility."