World Wake Up Call Against Mind Control to G-20 Summit from Mojmir Babacek and TI Associations

Saturday, 08 July 2017 19:39


At present time you are investing billions of dollars, euros, rubles, yens, yuans etc. on the research of the functioning of human brain. You all compete in the development of weapons enabling remote control of the human nervous system, organism and mind. You have developed systems capable of killing people in large areas of the planet or producing pains and sicknesses in them, damaging DNA of evolving organisms, altering people‘s states of mind, their emotions and even thoughts.

At the same time you are hiding the existence of those weapons from your citizens by subjecting them to your National Security Information legislations while training operators of those weapons on unwitting citizens of your states. While claiming to promote democracy, human rights or  humanism, you have created a world, where human freedom, human health and human life have no protection whatsoever against attacks committed by your own agencies. Even the political or democratic events in your countries can no longer be trusted, due to your secret possession of those weapons.

Should you continue in the policy of secrecy of those weapons, the world will be evolving toward a new totalitarian system, where citizens will have no defense against mental or physical cruelty of their governments.

Therefore we call on you to declassify those weapons, to create legislations which would protect the citizens of your countries against such attacks and to create agencies, which, in cooperation with human rights organisations, would detect energetic attacks on your citizens and search for their sources.

You are defending secrecy and classification of those weapons by the possible war that may erupt between some of you, but it only proves again that your desire for power outweighs your proclaimed effort to promote democracy or to search for stability and security in the world. Your inability to establish reasonable, polite and non-violent relationships among yourselves again proves that at least some of you (especially the USA) are seeking a totalitarian power in the world.

Despite your unwillingness to stop this insanity, we have confidence that your citizens’ growing awareness of your possession and use of those weapons will make them oblige you to enact the legislation we are proposing.

Signed by:

The Worldwide Campaign Against Electronic Torture, Abuse And Experimentation

ICATOR – International Coalition Against Electronic Torture And Robotization of Living Beings

Toronto Targeted Individuals

Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and torture with mind control technologies

Spolek za zákaz manipulace lidské nervové soustavy radiofrekven?ním zá?ením
Czech Republic

European Coalition Against Covert Harassment Europe

Association de Victimes de Harcèlement Électromagnétique et en Réseau

Technological Crime Victims Network

STOPEG Foundation
STOP Electromagnetic weapons and Gang stalking

Stop Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom

Stop organized electronics tortures and killing weapons on new physical principles – Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Housing.

White TV

London End Stalking
United Kingdom

Targeted Individuals Association
United Kingdom

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies
United States of America

PACTS, International
People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International
United States of America

Associazione contro ogni forma di controllo ed interferenza mentale e neurofisiologica