Mind Control TI Gloria Naylor, author of The Women of Brewster Place, dies at 66

Friday, 11 November 2016 00:00

source; was mind control targeted individual TI Gloria Naylor killed with scalar-weapons? They can induce artificial heart attacks

"Gloria Naylor, the author of the best-selling novel The Women of Brewster Place, has died, the Associated Press has confirmed. She was 66.

Naylor died Wednesday in the Virgin Islands from a heart attack, her sister Bernice Harrison told Ebony magazine, which first reported the news. “She was a wonderful person, very generous, kind, and thoughtful,” Harrison told Ebony." ew.com reported.

She wrote the known novel The Women of Brewster Place, which "was adapted by Oprah Winfrey into a TV miniseries starring Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, Mary Alice, and Olivia Cole. The novel was later adapted into a musical."

But she was even the author of a less known book: 1996. In that she describes her severe problems with mind control and voices in her skull V2K, which is not a psychiatric disease, but result of modern technology.

RIP Gloria Naylor!

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