Italy used black magic/voodoo on Germany in Euro 2016 quarter-final

Saturday, 02 July 2016 23:16

The Euro 2016 football game between Germany and Italy 2nd July 2016 was very bizarre: 6:5 after penalty shootout. The game started already very strange:

1. Right in the beginning of the game German player Sami Khedira is injured in the left leg (thigh, hip adductor) without any visible reason and had to leave, Bastian Schweinsteiger in.

2. Mario Gomez problems with right thigh. Cause not visible.

3. German player stumbles on the grass without any reason, looses the ball.

4. After 1:0 for Germany Jerome Boateng suddenly plays hands without any necessity and Italy gets one goal by penalty. Boateng never plays hands and had no reason to stretch out his arm!

5. Mats Hummels receives yellow card on dubious reasons. Even his fist yellow card against Slovakia was not justified.

6. Germany gets negative positions by tossing the coin two times, first the corner with the Italian fans and second Italy starts with the penalties which is a better position by statistics.

7. German Jonas Hector also gets trouble with his leg.

8. Yellow card against Bastian Schweinsteiger on very weak reasons.

9. Thomas Müller no goals at all, not even a penalty. Very strange.

10. Germany was clearly better than Italy, therefore they fouled a lot. The result 6:5 does not resemble the game.


The only reasonable explanation for that odd soccer game is the use of black magic by the Italians. Black magic is called voodoo in black Africa and Middle + South America, where the black slaves imported it, mixing it up with the catholic religion.

How do I know that? My family became a victim of black football magic in the southern part of Africa, in the state of Malawi.

My sister was married to a diplomat from Cameroon and lived 2002 in Blantyre, Malawi, with two kids, a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year son. My brother in law was the Vice-Ambassador for Cameroon in Washington when they met. Before he had a high-ranking position in the UN in New York. He is well educated and coming from a royal family in Cameroon and I appreciate and love him very much.

In the middle of May 2002 I got the alarming news in Sweden that the four-year-old son of my sister had drowned in the swimming pool of the Danish football coach for the nation Malawi, in Blantyre. My sister's daughter and the daughter of the Danish coach were friends and invited to their property. My nephew was used to water and knew of its danger, which he showed to me a year before at the German coast where we had vacation. My sister was close to the swimming pool so that she could hear but not see. She did not notice when her son fell into the pool and drowned. Shortly after she searched for him and found him dad, floating in the water. The worst day in our lives.

I flew immediately down to Blantyre to comfort and help. My brother in law did not blame my sister for lac of being watchful. He explained to me that his son was a sacrifice in a black magic ritual, a voodoo sacrifice with the goal, that Malawi should win the COSAFA Castle Cup Quarter-final against Angola on May 18th 2002 on the next day. That is a famous soccer cup in southern Africa. Malawi was the total underdog and had no chance against Angola. Everybody knew that.

My brother in law told me that the football crew from Malawi had seen a black mamba (one of the most poisonous snakes) in the locker room a day before the drowning of my nephew and that only the team, but not their Danish coach, understood what that meant: voodoo.

My brother in law, a huge football fan, told me, that Malawi would win the game against all odds, because they used black magic. In deed, they won, 2:1 against Angola, who did an own goal. I saw the play later on video with the Danish coach and it was really very strange, like the game to night between Italy and Germany.

After I had seen the game on video, I was convinced of the assessment of my brother in law, who never had lied to me.

He informed me, that the use of voodoo in football is very common in Black Africa. Only we guys from the Western countries are too stupid and uneducated to understand that.

Black magic is the negative use of hidden physics. The positive use is called white magic. One important tool of magic are the scalar waves, the communication instrument of GOD and the Universe.

In practice black magic is done by specialists, black magicians or voodoo priests. They are often shamans, the link between humans in the three dimensional world and negative entities in the fourth dimension. The black magicians practice often special rituals, like placing a black mamba somewhere or digging dead animals or humans in the ground of the enemy.

But they are not really moving things, just preparing. The main black magic work is done by demons, reptoes and/or other negative creatures from the fourth dimension, who use mind control techniques, to achieve their goals. Their payment is the suffering of living creatures. They suck in the negative energies that the brain of the sacrificed victim is emitting, negative scalar waves. They get high on that. The most delicate energy comes from young boys between three and five years of age. Their kundalini energy is very tasty for demons and reptilians, especially when it is enriched which molecules resulting from extreme pain and fear. That is like a drug for the perpetrators.

Remember, my nephew was four years old!

Demons can easily overrule most of the humans with hidden physics, so f. ex. they rise an arm in the wrong moment in order to cause a penalty for hands play. They can surround a player with special energies that he never makes goals or influence a judge to make mistakes.

During the last years it has become more and more known in the Western World, that black magic is used even in soccer. I remember an article from a German Newspaper that blamed Italy about 10 years ago, but could not find it on the Internet. Probably censured by Google.

Deutsche Version hier.


Euro 2016 Championship in Voodoo but not football, France cheated Germany with Black Magic!


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