Prayer to shield against mind control and other radiation

Sunday, 22 February 2015 21:34


White TV received today a prayer from a wise person in Portugal. She claims it helped her against nanochip implants. Please test and let White TV know if it improved your situation. Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


I have realized that my physical brain is nothing but the hardware of my physical body-computer! The software, on the other hand are programs which I am able to update myself! I am the creator of my own DNA! I can modify and renew/override original programming!

To obtain optimum (ultimate) protection, you will need all 12 DNA-strands or 6 double-strands. Via Biotensor or kinesiologically you can test whether these strands are complete! According to my experience the results of any dedication (consecration) – (for example to Reiki, to Jahwe-Jesus etc) are such, that the DNS-strands are no longer complete, generally left with the existence of 5 only! Renounce any dedication, and then speak (call) the 6 DNA-double-


I now ask the pure, holy Divine Primeval-Source of All-that- is* and the cosmic Primeval-Source-Angels* to accompany me constantly and without ceasing, by protecting me, intervening for me, guiding and inspiring me, to purify and protect all my energy-fields and channels to God – the Primeval-Source!

Any energies still clinging to me, which HAVE A RICHT OF ADMISSION through PREVIOUS TRANSGRESSIONS OF THE UNIVERSAL LAW are now being harmonized. I ask that all causes, that are binding me to negative energies, are now being severed permanently with Love, and without valuation and judgement, but with forgiveness!

I ask for forgiveness for all times, dimensions and all my ancestors, as well as for myself, my family – during the course of any lifetime – and ask for transformation of the hurt and pain, as well as rejection of negative energies through the Primeval-Source-Angels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Today I would like to contribute to my comprehensive protection, by de-installing all currently running sabotage-programs within my DNA – be they own programs, subconscious – or foreign programs!

I expressly block off any Nano-particle (mini-chips i.e from Chemtrails), presently existing in my body, and dissolve its programming, and sever them from the transmitters! As I now have spoken – so it shall be, for I determine self-consciously and God-consciously over my body, and everything that pertains to me, and I firmly reverse any foreign intrusions.

I now loose myself from any curse which might have been placed upon my life. I forgive those who have sent them to me, from the bottom of my heart – and release them of their responsibility!

I de-install any etheric implants, and release myself from them. I also forgive these beings who have manipulated me through those implants, from the bottom of my heart! Time has run out. I am responsible for myself. And let go of any rage or bitterness in this regard!

I am now installing a new program within my DNA!

This program protects me permanently and without exception from WLAN-waves, Cell-phone-radiation, electro-magnetic vibrations emanating from cars and aircrafts, Scalar-wave, Chemtrail-effects (Toxins, Nanos), pollution of the environment, Genetic-manipulation, HAARP-radiation, artificial radiation from the moon, Radioactivity, the Demiurg, virtual parasites, direct sabotages from hyper-dimensional entities, any kind of destructive attacks by any other Beings (i.e. through disease, accidents, sufferings, thoughts and emotions, energy-abduction, implants) Demons and any kind of destructive Spirits, protection against curses, incantations, magic and witchcraft, also against those unknown to me and unnamed by me! I ask the Primeval-Source-Angels to optimize this listing to an all-encompassing protection, and to harmonize and neutralize anything destructive, now and forever!

This new program can only be altered by me, the Primeval-Creator of the Universe and His pure Angels (primeval-source-angels) and by my highest consciousness! Whenever it is necessary, and corresponding with my primeval-divinely-inspired plan, they complete and optimize this program and this proclamation (decree).

I am sealing off this new protective program in any dimension, in any plain, any Aura-levels and at all times, and I transfer the supervision and surveillance of these seals to the Primeval-Source and the Primeval-Source-Angels – so that everything is happening to my highest benefit!

I transfer/hand over this decree to my Guardian-Angels and trust that my DNA-programming is protected by the force and power of the Primeval-Source-of –All-that-is, from sabotages and blockades!


I envelop myself with a cloak of Light from the Primeval-Source, through which only pure light-energies may penetrate!

If it is in accordance with the Primeval-Source-Angels – I am now additionally installing an energy-scanner, which is supposed to protect me from any foreign-effects of negative energies, by recognizing masquerades and deceptions from energy-abductors and wolves in sheep’s clothing – and denying them access! Access is only granted to the elevating light-energies of the Primeval-Source – anything else – if at all possible – will be transformed into light and returned!

I ask the Primeval-Source-Angels, that they would make available this protective-prayer to anybody who is in need of it and desires it - and that they would – if necessary, optimize it to their benefit! At heartfelt thank you to everybody involved!

I am in direct connection with the Universal Consciousness, the All-encompassing- (universal) Love of the Primeval-Source, the light-photons of the sun, the magnetic-field of the earth, and any information, pertaining to the Quantum-field which is helpful and beneficial to me!

Infinite strong light-energies out of the Primeval-Source flow into my heart and in all levels and maintain the protection without ceasing! Everything keeps flowing towards me, whenever I am in need of it! I am grateful and I return my love back to the Primeval-Source!

· Primeval-Source is the Most High Creator-Plain – the Source out of which everything flows (emanates) – the All-that-is! Primeval-Source-Angels are the beings, which are “working” with the highest possible Light, who represent the Light of the Primeval-Source in its most undiluted form – and impart it onto others!

Maggie D