Ole Dammegård reveals notorious CIA serial killers

Monday, 26 May 2014 22:06

"The persons she has identified to me include her own brother, Roland Ottus, for whom she introduced the named “Raoul” and told me he had been involved in the death of MLK.  She also explained that another member of this gang (although she has not used that word) was photographed in front of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, where even J. Edgar Hoover himself acknowledged that this person was not the man accused of the assassination of JFK.  According to my source, it was actually Walter Tabinski.  And the most dangerous of these three, Clyde Forshaw, has committed serial murders, if her information is correct, some of which she personally witnessed herself.  I grant that her story is difficult to believe, but she has a mountain of details and other considerations to back it up.

Insofar as she resides in Toronto, she has made repeated efforts to bring these crimes to the attention of the Canadian officials, but to no avail.  She is now pressing the matter, fed up at the apparent corruption, not only from local police but even by the RCMP, whom most of us grew up believing were “the best of the best”, when it comes to law enforcement.  To hear her tell it, however, the truth could hardly be further from the myth.  Last night, during another of our conversations, she explained that one of these guys is also “the Vaulting bandit”, who has robbed several banks, where he has even made the FBI’s list of “Most Wanted”.  According to a headline article in The National Post (22 December 2011), “Vaulting Bandit tops Toronto Police bank robber wanted list”. reported Veterans Today.

Ole Dammegård shares that information.

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