Polens verbala attack om Ukrainas massmord av polacker första steg att kapa åt sig delar av Ukraina?

Sunday, 17 July 2022 16:40

Minnesstund på 75-årsdagen av ukrainska massmord (Bandera) mot polacker

Poland asks Ukraine to confront dark past despite common front against Moscow

Polish President on Volhynia Massacre anniversary observances

"The events in Volhynia in the 1940's were not a war between Poland and Ukraine, but purely ethnic cleansing," Polish President Andrzej Duda said at a cemetery in Olyka in western Ukraine on the 75th anniversary of the Volhynia Massacre on Sunday.  ....

The President addressed the gathering at the cemetery in Olyka near Lutsk where he laid a wreath at an unnamed collective grave of murdered Poles.

"This is a very sad date for many Polish families, who lost their close ones during that time. Their number is estimated at 100,000," the President went on to say, underlining that these were not soldiers but ordinary people - farmers, entire families, women, children and old people. .....

"The Volhynia Massacre is a tragic chapter in the history of the Polish and Ukrainian nations, marked by suffering and mutual hard feelings," President Duda emphasised and added it was followed by Polish retaliatory operations, in which ordinary Ukrainians were killed."