Litauen verkar ha utvecklat anti-corona medicin. Tyst i fulmedia

Saturday, 08 May 2021 10:39


"VILNIUS – Lithuanian company Northway Biotech, based in Vilnius, claims to have created an anti-coronavirus drug in cooperation with its Swiss colleagues, LNK News reported on Thursday.

"We gave it to the Swiss for clinical trials, so, the answer to the question whether a drug against the coronavirus has been created in Lithuania, so I can say yes, it has been done to such a level that it is now undergoing clinical trials," Vladas Bumelis, board chairman at Northway Biotech, said.
In his words, the results of the drug's efficacy are expected as early as this year. The company is also creating another drug against COVID-19.
"We will start from scratch again with an American company," Bumelis said." Det rapporterar Baltic Times.
Att fulmedia tiger om mediciner mot Covid-19 beror på att de är delaktiga i den planetomfattande konspirationen mot homo sapiens som vill skada och döda så många som möjligt. M a o den djupa staten hälsar.
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